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I have been big boobs girl since high school....

I have been big boobs girl since high school. There’s never been a time when I’ve loved my breasts. They made me self-conscious I feel like they rob me my confidence and my health. They ruined my posture and my weight (I start gaining weight to make them proportion to my body). And I was constantly aware of how much trouble they caused me. When I got dressed, when I was running, when speak in public there were tons of tiny moments throughout the day when I noticed them and thought to myself, “too big I hate them.” I have wanted surgery since I heard there is one, even if I am needle phobia.
When I decide to have the surgery six month ago I start losing weight and I lost about 40lbs. I was 230 and now I am 190. I know for sure I am going to lose more after the surgery. I wanted to loss all weight before the surgery but what the hell, a New Year new me. I hope everything goes as I planned. Pray for me.
Sounds like your surgery is tomorrow..or was today. Hope you're resting well, and we're looking forward to your updates.
Praying for you as many are on this forum and you will be on the other side soon and feeling a few pounds lighter. Just remember to rest, rest, rest and rest some more. Hydrate, eat light but healthy, sleep elevated and stay in bed or on the couch as long as possible, even if you feel great. This surgery will take the wind out of your sails for a while, so just expect to be exhausted and it's normal. I lived in Tacoma, WA and loved it, I hope to get back some day. You'll do great so don't worry too much and you will never regret it. I had my BR on Oct 28, 2013, 34 days out, 61 yrs young and feel great. Best of luck with your recovery KidoB.
Praying for a succesful surgery and for a speedy recovery :-)
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