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Surgery Around the Corner, Need Help! - Seattle, WA

My surgery is 3 weeks away and i am still debating...

My surgery is 3 weeks away and i am still debating between 475cc and 500cc high profile silicone. I will also be getting a Mastopexy (full breast lift) along with my augmentation as I have excess skin due to losing 70 lbs this past yr and have 3 children. I am 5'3 and weigh 130 lbs wesring a sz 3 in jeans and S in shirts ( if thst helps) I am a little worried that 500 ccs might be a little too big but also dont want to regret not going bigger being that this surgery is pretty spendy! Any advice and tips for before and after surgery is greatly appreciated!


Tbh that sounds huge for your frame. I just removed my 350cc's because they made me feel fat and I couldn't easily run, etc. maybe I'm not the best person to give advice but try an different sizes to be sure. If you are having doubts about 500cc now maybe you should consider smaller. Just mho. X
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Honestly I think it's bc I still see myself bigger than what I really am! It's hard to wrap around my head that I have a "small frame" as my PS and other people have told me. And being that I used to be a D, I feel like I want to be a DD but maybe I should go with 475ccs to be safe. This is so tough!!

8 more days!

So my surgery is in 8 days and I know this will be the longest week ever! I thought Id be feeling worse than I do, but I'm actually more excited than anything ????????????. I spoke with my PS about my size, and he told me my frame will fit good with the 500cc high profile silicone implants! I trust in his decision, as he is one of the top surgeons in my area. So this week will be busy as I will need to get ready for my surgery and the week after. I'm a little bummed that Thanksgiving won't be the best for me, but I'm going to try my best to spend time with my family that day. My surgical bra should be getting here this week, and lll be getting my meds tomorrow. I have read that vitamin C is good for healing, does anyone else have any other items or supplements/creams that you recommend?

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4 more days!

I'm starting to feel a little nervous. This weekend will consist of packing and cleaning so I can come home to a clean house :) I'm starting to worry that I might be going too big :/ I hope that's not the case! Can't wait til this is over with!

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