60 Year Old Woman with Invisalign - Seattle, WA

I am an RN, married mother of 2 grown children. As...

I am an RN, married mother of 2 grown children. As a child I had good, regular dental care, braces were not needed. As I got older, one of my upper front teeth gradually started to protrude, my bottom teeth became crowded and I had a crossbite. Oddly enough, it bothered me most when I saw photos of myself. I got braces at 40, then unfortunately did not wear my retainers. My teeth shifted back. For my 60th birthday, I took a trip to Europe with my husband, and when I saw the pictures, again I was so upset at my front teeth. So at 60, I started Invisilign about 1 month ago. I am on my second set. I can't believe I am doing this at my age, but the way my teeth look bothers me so much. I really hope it is worth the expense and the inconvenience.


I'll be 53 this year and I just got invisalign today. I've always been embarassed about my teeth and I figure it's a small price to pay to feel better about myself.
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That is awesome! I would love it if you would start a review as well so we can follow you through your journey also. Here is a link to the review form to get you started. :)

I just got aligners 3 and 4. In the time before that I was on about 3 different vacations including a trip to Hawaii. Lots of eating and drinking. It has been hard to learn how to manage taking them out, storing them and then rinsing/ brushing. I think it's going ok. I am pretty sore on aligner 3, also had 5 buttons placed and a metal thing for elastics.
That is kind of eating away at my mouth, it's sharp. But I'm hanging in there and will see this through.
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