60 Year Old Woman with Invisalign - Seattle, WA

I am an RN, married mother of 2 grown children. As...

I am an RN, married mother of 2 grown children. As a child I had good, regular dental care, braces were not needed. As I got older, one of my upper front teeth gradually started to protrude, my bottom teeth became crowded and I had a crossbite. Oddly enough, it bothered me most when I saw photos of myself. I got braces at 40, then unfortunately did not wear my retainers. My teeth shifted back. For my 60th birthday, I took a trip to Europe with my husband, and when I saw the pictures, again I was so upset at my front teeth. So at 60, I started Invisilign about 1 month ago. I am on my second set. I can't believe I am doing this at my age, but the way my teeth look bothers me so much. I really hope it is worth the expense and the inconvenience.

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I'll be 53 this year and I just got invisalign today. I've always been embarassed about my teeth and I figure it's a small price to pay to feel better about myself.
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That is awesome! I would love it if you would start a review as well so we can follow you through your journey also. Here is a link to the review form to get you started. :)

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I just got aligners 3 and 4. In the time before that I was on about 3 different vacations including a trip to Hawaii. Lots of eating and drinking. It has been hard to learn how to manage taking them out, storing them and then rinsing/ brushing. I think it's going ok. I am pretty sore on aligner 3, also had 5 buttons placed and a metal thing for elastics.
That is kind of eating away at my mouth, it's sharp. But I'm hanging in there and will see this through.
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Congratulations! Straightening your teeth helps so much with self confidence... Not only that but having a proper bite can mean the difference between keeping your own teeth into old age and dentures!
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Good for you for doing something about your teeth if you don't like the way they look! That is an awesome choice at any age!

How was your first week or two? Was it a pretty rough adjustment, or was it not too bad?

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