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Hi, I had a Rhinoplasty done in February, 2011,...

Hi, I had a Rhinoplasty done in February, 2011, the following was done:
-Tip rotated upward
-Small hump on bridge of nose shaved down
-Bulbous Tip refined/reduced
-Sill excision to narrow nostrils

I made it very clear to my Doctor that reducing my nostril flare was one of my main concerns. My Doctor stated that a Sill excision would accomplish this and bring in my nostril flare and reduce my alar base.

After a week and taking the cast off I noticed my nostrils still retained the same flare they had prior to surgery.

After the surgery I learned that Sill excisions actually retain the same flare and in some cases increase nostril flare. After meeting with my doctor two weeks post op I asked why a Weir excision was not done in conjunction with a Sill excision.

My Doctor advised that due to the way my nostrils insert into my face a Weir excision cannot be performed because there is no nostril overhang (most caucasian noses have a nostril overhang).

My nose is still swollen as the photos taken are 4 weeks post op.

Is my Doctor correct when he says a Weir excision cannot be performed on my nostrils? I am unhappy with my nostril flare and am looking at a revision procedure to bring in my nostrils. I am looking at consulting other Surgeons to get there opinions.


Hey what doctor did you go to in seattle?
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Please stay away from any doctor that will perform this procedure on you. You do not need this procedure done. It appears the width of your nose is in balance with your face. This procedure is irreversible once done and is extremely difficult to perform. The doctor would need to remove exactly the same amount of skin from both sides of your nostril. If not your nostrils will be assymetrical. I learned this from experience unfortunately.
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Hi,your results look good,would you be willing to share who your plastic surgeon is in Seattle.
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