Unbelievable Recovery Process - Seattle, WA

The service was done well, i took pain meds and...

the service was done well, i took pain meds and they numbed me for 45 mins before. treatment pain was tolerable.

since then it has been awful. extreme pain from burning, stinging, tight sikn for 4 days. finally started peeling and i look like a leper. no way i can be seen. today is day 6 and 70% sloughed off but whole face is red welts with little white bumps and still swolllen. still cant sleep without serious meds.

i am shocked by how misleading the websites are about recovery. this has been torturous. i am losing hope that i will ever look normal again.

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the blogs are true... the web sites are flat out lies

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Hi Seattle,

Welcome to the Pixel Laser community. Wow, the healing process does not sound fun for you at all. As multiple community members and doctors say, especially with this treatment, healing really depends on the person. It's been a few days now since your procedure how are you feeling today, still in pain? Please update us on how everything is going.

Thanks so much for the review,


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