330 cc saline unders- Seattle, WA

My breast augmentation is one month from today. I...

My breast augmentation is one month from today. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start my review. Like others, I've always had small breasts but figured I would develop as I got older. Now that I'm approaching my 25th birthday and I'm still a 34B, I've decided to get a breast augmentation. I'm not sure what size of implants I want to get but I hope to be a 34D after surgery. I had my initial appointment last October (2011). My surgery was schedule for November 2011 but I got a terrible stomach virus and had to reschedule. Initially, I was thinking about doing silicone but after hearing about the scares in France, I changed my mind. I'm sure the silicone implants in the U.S. are safe but it's my body and I feel more comfortable with saline. Before I decided to switch, I would get terrible knots in my stomach whenever I thought about my surgery. Since making the switch, I feel at ease about my surgery. I love this site and enjoying hearing everyone's story. If you have any advice or tips, please let me know :) My surgery is on Friday (the 13th, am I nuts?) and I'm planning on going back to work (I have a desk job) the next Thursday- does that seem like enough time? The only thing I'm worried about is other's reactions. I've only told my mother, sister, and boyfriend. I wonder if people will notice? Will they say anything? I don't know if I want to tell people or not. I haven't decided. Any thoughts? I'll try and post some before pictures in the next few days.

Taking my "before" pictures today reminded me why...

Taking my "before" pictures today reminded me why I want this surgery. You can't tell from these photos but I'm actually very petite (only 115 pounds & 5'4") but in these photos you can't tell. I've always thought that my (lack of) breasts make me look larger than I really am. I hope this surgery will make me more proportional.

Just put some big money down for my surgery........

Just put some big money down for my surgery..... ahh... this makes it so real.

Does anyone have any advice on driving and tanning after surgery??

I have my post-op appointment on Wednesday. I'm...

I have my post-op appointment on Wednesday. I'm trying to do as much research as I can so I can be prepared for my appointment.

I'm confused between the differences between high profile, moderate, moderate plus. What does it all mean? :-/

Also what is the differences between shells? Round?

I have my desired result photos posted so if you have any recommendations for profile and shell that would be greatly appreciated! :) Also, if there is anything you would recommend that I talk with my doctor about during my pre-op I would also appreciate your suggestions.

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. It went...

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday. It went really well. Right before I walked in I got really nervous. My nerves were instantly calmed after talking with my doctor. I appreciate his honesty.

In October when I did my initial appointment, I tried on different implants but I had no idea of the sizes. For some reason I got it in my head that I needed to be at least 400 cc. After showing my doctor my desired results pics and talking about what look I was going for (very natural) he helped me see that 400 would not give me my desired results. This was also confirmed after trying on a 300 cc implant. I will post the pics below. I am going to do 300 cc saline filled up to 330. I think the size looks perfect.

When I told my mom about my appointment, she asked if I was going to tell people at work or just let them ask. My boyfriend also asked me the same thing. It puzzles me why they ask me this. It's not like I'm going to end up looking like Dolly Parton (she is beautiful but I'm not going for that look). I don't think it will be that noticeable. Or at least I hope not. After trying on the 300 cc I think my results are going to look natural.

Two weeks until my surgery. I'm not too nervous... yet.

I'll update when it gets closer. Any advice for getting prepared before the surgery??

****** NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY ******** Tomorrow...

****** NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY ********

Tomorrow is the big day. I check in a 7 a.m., surgery is at 8 a.m.

I did a run to Target to pick up the essentials (saltine crackers, extra pillow, comfy pants, extra strength tylenol, ice packs, straws, etc.). After I finish my laundry I should be good to go.

So far, I'm not really nervous. Weird, right? I hope I won't regret not being more nervous. And I also hope I didn't forget anything. This week I have been so busy that I haven't had any time to get nervous. I'm sure I will be in the minutes leading up to my surgery.

Any last minute advice?

Also to the ladies with saline implants, what do you think of your implants? I keep hearing that saline implants feel like water balloons on your chest- is this true? I'm doing saline tomorrow either way but I was just curious.

I'm so thankful for this site and each one for sharing your stories and advice. Perhaps that is why I am not nervous :)

*******4 HOURS POST-OP********* I've been...

*******4 HOURS POST-OP*********

I've been home for a few hours now and I feel GREAT! I think my doctor hooked me up with some good meds. My chest deals heavy but not as bad as I thought.

I will update more later when I'm not sitting in bed on my IPad .... It is to heard to type long messages on it..

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes- it meant a lot!!! :)

**** 1st DAY POST-OP**** Still feeling really...

**** 1st DAY POST-OP****

Still feeling really good :) My boobs feel a bit tight but nothing that is not bearable.

Yesterday I got to the surgery center around 7 and was out of surgery by 9:15. I was pretty out of it when I woke up. I kept telling my boyfriend that if felt like I did and came back to life. Haha, I think he found that very entertaining. On a scale from 10 (being painful) to 1 (normal), I would say my pain level was a 3 or 4 when I woke up. Definitely better than I expected. It was a bit difficult to breathe but not uncomfortable. I was extremely thirty when I woke up. I probably drank two glasses of water before we left to go home. For people getting ready to have their surgery, definitely get straws. It makes it sooo much easier to drink!

Yesterday after I got back to my apartment, I stayed in bed for a few hours. I was bit uncomfortable after I got home but after eating some toast and taking my meds I felt a lot better.

My doctor has me on a ton of different medicines...

-Cephalexin: antibiotic

-Ondansteron: anti-nausea... I would highly recommend this medicine. You take it by letting it melt on your mouth and it really helps. I haven't been nauseated at all :)

-Diazepam: muscle relaxer... this stuff is really good as well. Helps for the first few days when your chest feel tight and makes it uncomfortable to take deep breaths.

-Transderm: anti-nausea... but on one patch under your ear the night before surgery and take it off a few days afterwards. The only down side is that it makes you extremely thirsty!

-Oxycodone: pain med

-Zolpidem: sleeping pills... I didn't take any last night and regretted it. I didn't sleep very well just because it is so uncomfortable sleeping sitting up.

Whew, tons of meds!

After taking the meds yesterday (day of surgery), I felt great. I definitely needed help doing the most basic things, like even pulling my pants up and down to go to the bathroom, lol. Luckily, my boyfriend is awesome and never complains about helping.

****** 2nd DAY POST-OP**** Last night (early...

****** 2nd DAY POST-OP****

Last night (early on 4/14) around 2:30 in the morning I woke up to take my meds again. I was a bit sore when I woke up later on this morning but nothing terrible. I would definitely recommend taking your medicines on time and not waiting too long. I know most people say day two is the worst but for me it hasn't been that bad since I have been faithful about taking my meds.

My doctor called to check in on me this morning. So far I'm extremely happy with Dr. Salemy. His nurses were super nice and helped me not be so nervous before my surgery.

Every once a while I feel weird noises coming from my boobs. No stings but more like gurgling noises. Is this normal? Anyone else have experience with this?

I got my implant card on Friday-- I'm a 330cc Natrelle saline implant below the muscle on both breasts.

Also, definitely do not push yourself after your surgery. Let others help you. Don't use your hand to lift you up, it will hurt like a mo fo. Try to use your legs and bottom to scoot across the bed/couch. Like Makenzie said in her post, if something drops, just let it.

Also, I got one of those neck pillows that you use on an airplane and it was really helpful last night when I was trying to sleep.

I would post a picture but you can't really see anything. I had bandages all over and I don't want to take off the compression strap. My post-op appointment is on Monday so I will try and pick some photos then. I've tried to look but can't really tell how they look. They aren't as big as I thought they would be but then again I can't really get a good look at them.

I can't wait until Monday so I can see the new girls!

**** 4th DAY POST-OP*** Today was my first...

**** 4th DAY POST-OP***

Today was my first day on my own (my boyfriend had to go back to work). I stopped taking the oxyocodon. I'm just taking the Tylenol and muscle relaxers. No boobage pain but I have a massive headache!

I went in for my post-op appointment today. Doc said everything looks great. I posted pics below.

I'm off to take a nap to get rid of this headache!

*******5th DAY POST-OP****** Today has...

*******5th DAY POST-OP******

Today has probably been the worst of all the days. I stopped taking the oxycodon yesterday (which is probably why I had a headache yesterday) because I'm trying to ween myself off before Thursday when I need to drive to work.

I'm been so sleepy today. I've probably slept most of the day :(

Did anyone else have a hard time getting off the pain pills?

******6th DAY POST-OP**** Feeling a lot...

******6th DAY POST-OP****

Feeling a lot better today. I had a hard time getting off the pain pills. I took one oxy last night before bed and then a muscle relaxer this morning. I'm going to try and just take Tylenol from now on. I have night class tonight that I need to be able to drive myself to.

I get my surgical tape removed and replaced tomorrow.

So far, I'm happy with my results. I'm looking forward to then not being so swollen and settling down a bit. I still feel like I have two softballs in my chest lol.

I took a shower yesterday -- WOW! That felt great!

I posted a photo below in the same mint green swim suit top from before... so crazy to see myself with boobs!

Tomorrow is my first day back at work-- wish me luck!

I'm having a terrible time coming off these meds....

I'm having a terrible time coming off these meds. Today I didn't take any of the pain meds and I have been an emotional mess. My boobs are fine and look good but for some reason emotionally I feel like a mess. I could not stop crying earlier and for no reason.

Did anyone else have a similar reaction when they stopped taking the pain meds??

Whew! I'm feeling a ton better. I had a few...

Whew! I'm feeling a ton better. I had a few emotional days where I was just tired and uncomfortable. It's getting better :)

I went back to work on Thursday- had to leave early because I got tired. Friday I was able to work the entire day.

My breasts are getting softer everyday. I posted new pics below. I'm really happy with the size. I tried in a few shirts and dresses yesterday and they look perfect. Very proportional-- exactly what I wanted. I would honestly be really surprised if someone thought they were fake.

I'm also happy I got saline. There is no weird noises and they definitely do NOT feel like balloons. Those are all myths!

I started doing the massaging on Thursday. It definitely helps!! It doesn't hurt at all and really helps in the morning when they are stiff.

Sleeping is still a bit uncomfortable. I'm having to rely on sleeping pills to help me sleep throughout the night. I'm hoping to stop having to take those soon.

I'll update in another week or so.

ALSO, btw Vicky's is having some good deals right now!!

Wowza, my breasts have been so sore the last few...

Wowza, my breasts have been so sore the last few days. In the mornings they feel great and then by the afternoon they are super sore. I've been take Tylenol but it doesn't really help that much. When did the soreness go away for everyone else?

Pain has definitely gotten a lot better. Every...

Pain has definitely gotten a lot better. Every once in a while I get a little zing but definitely way more manageable! I've learned to listen to my body and stop and take a break when I get sore.

Even though I'm only two weeks out, I'm so happy I did this. I feel way more confident and can't wait to get in a swim suit! :)

****3 weeks post-op****** Just a quick update...

****3 weeks post-op******

Just a quick update.... I'm feeling great. A lot of times I forget I have implants until something brushes up against them too hard. I stopped wearing my strap a few days ago- that was weird to get used to.

My only complaint is I hate how my implants feel when I'm cold. It feels like my muscle is gripping my implant - not fun! I'm sure it will go away in time.

I can't wait to wear real bras, I'm getting sick of the sports bras. Three more weeks or so!!

Also, tip for others about to have their surgeries-- have several shirts/sweaters that are not scoop neck or low cut. You don't want your strap to show! I wear modest shirts but many of my shirts were just a little too low so I had to wear scarfs to cover the strap.

I just ran across this and thought it was helpful....

I just ran across this and thought it was helpful...


Especially #1... Like I said earlier in my post, I thought I needed to go 400 cc or bigger. This would have looked ridiculous on someone my size. I'm so glad that Dr. Salemy told me that 400 cc would not give me my desired results. Look at the before and after pics for a surgeon and then trust their opinion!

I didn't realize that I hadn't posted pictures in...

I didn't realize that I hadn't posted pictures in a while to show my progress. I'm really happy with the shape and feel of my breasts for being only one month out. They continue to get softer everyday. I started wearing my strap again. I didn't wear it for a few days and noticed my implants were starting to ride high again.

I ordered a 34D size bra the other week when they were having a sale at Vicky's. I'm not sure if this is my correct size-- I know nothing about bras. I need to go and get a proper fitting but for the time being any suggestions? Smaller cup size? Bigger cup size?

Also, my green swim suit top feels too small (so crazy!). It may be that I'm just not used to having boobs to show off but I can't help but think I need a bigger top. If I moved my top even in the slightest, my nipples would come out and I definitely do not want that. I never thought I would have a swim suit top be too small, this is awesome!

This week will be 8 weeks since my surgery. I got...

This week will be 8 weeks since my surgery. I got the ok to start wearing normal bras. It is so nice to not wear sports bras all the time.

I'm extremely happy with my results! I got sized yesterday - I'm a 34D -- exactly what I wanted!

Last week I made the mistake of laying out and not putting on any sunscreen... big mistake! It really hurt! Learn from me and lather up on the sunscreen!

ALSO, I've heard from quite a few people about how they gained weight afterwards. This was not an issue for me because I'm a vegan. I won't stand on my vegan soapbox for too long but eating a healthy diet with lots of veggies and fruit makes a huge difference! You can see in my pictures that my stomach went down after a week.

*** 5 months post-op*** Everything is going...

*** 5 months post-op***

Everything is going great. I'm all healed up and back to normal- no pain & scars have healed up nicely.

The first time I worked out, it didn't feel different but now I'm used to it. Just make sure you get a supportive sports bra.

I'm so happy I did this. :) Sorry this isn't a long update... after a while, you don't even think about the fact that you have implants. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I think my results speak for themselves. I think my breasts look extremely natural and proportionate to my body. I would highly recommend Dr. Salemy. He explained the whole process to me and answered all of my questions. The nurses and anestesiologist were great as well- they definitely helped me not be so nervous the day of the surgery. I also appreciate that Dr. S didn't try to convince me to do Silicone. Overall, great experience!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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