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Still Waiting for Results - Seattle, WA

I have a few deep acne scars especially on my...

I have a few deep acne scars especially on my right cheek which I am very conscious about.My dermatologist suggested that the Palomar 1540 would be very effective. Currently I have finished 2 treatments ( of the 4 I am planning to do).Here is how its playing out-

  • Numbing is a must (atleast for me)-an hour before the actual treatment.
  • The laser feels like pinpricks/little rubber band snaps and I am more sensitive near the nasal area and the forehead.
  • My face turns puffy and red as soon as the treatment is done.
  • The puffiness is almost gone by the second day but the redness and the 'sun burnt look' lasts for about 3-5 days( nothing you can cover with some makeup).
  • The second time around I had 'pixel' or waffle prints', all over my face but it disappeared by the 5th day.

I haven't seen any major changes to my face. Maybe a 5% decrease in the number of scars- but then I am very critical of myself!

The treatment itself hasn't caused any distress to me. I hope this review will help some people who are afraid to attempt this.

I cant say it is a 100% working for me, since the actual results are supposed to be seen 5-6 months later! Some patience required !


How much did you pay for one treatment?
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Hey wishingstar, how's it been going so far? I'm on the Lux 1540 regimen myself, just took it for the first three days ago, so I'd like to know how it's going for you.
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Hi Wishing,

Yay, I'm so glad you decided to do a review! Although you have not see full results at least so far you are not disappointed. Your time line of what to expect is good for the community to know. If in a few months you have achieved the desired outcome are you going to continue with it as needed? Pictures would be awesome. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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