Lifestyle Lift - No Pain, Very Little Gain

Does not give you the results that they advertise....

Does not give you the results that they advertise. I would go for a face lift with a plastic surgeon, not this commercialized company.
Once swelling goes down the sagging jowls, and skin under chin goes back to original look before surgery. I had read this on line in other people's review, and now I know for myself it is true. Wish I had listen to their advice.
If it is too good to be true, look elsewhere.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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You shouldn't have to.."TAKE CHANCES" for that amount of money. You should get what you pay for.
If they can't do the job-you should get a refund!!!
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i think that everyone is diferent, some people may have had this result, it is a chance you take, but look at the pictures, they look great

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