To Hell and Back

I had a mid face lift and my neck pu;;ed back in...

I had a mid face lift and my neck pu;;ed back in Jan 2009,This was a nightmare! Three days after my surgery I got a massive infection in my neck.The dr said it was just red from the procedure and would go away..nuh uh 4th day my whole neck was so painfull purple and daughter was really scared for me.She took me in there and the Dr realized idid have an infection,so bad he had to put 2 holes behind my ears and put rubber tubes down my neck to push the puss and blood out.This went on every day for ten days.Putting vinager and water down the tubes then flushing out.I have never been in so much pain in my life.I cried the whole time he was squeezing this stuff out of my neck.I was never offered anything to help with the pain.

After 4 months of antibiotics and pain medication my neck was feeling alittle better.I still have a lump under my chin and have lumps and painfull areas near my ears and side of face...they dont care,they just dont wanna be sued.Wich I should have done.I was so tramatized from this I dont ever wanna have any face or neck surgery again Im terrafied.


Sure glad I came to this site as I saw the commercials on TV and it sounded so good. I read about your infection & problems and wanted to say. Good thing you were not a smoker as they just would have blamed that on why you had problems, they just love to blame anything on that good excuse!
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Thank god for the internet!!! I saw the infomercial and was impressed but thought to check it first on the net.I was burnt before with another company but learned my lesson.I would like to do something about my neck and chin but after reading this I think i prefer the way i look.Good luck to all of you who are suffering, but i am trying detoxifying and exercise first, then i'll see.
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I'm so sorry to hear all the horror stories. I looked into Lifestyle a couple of years ago because of the fee and the great post-op look of all the patients. But being the person I am, I felt IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS! I did research for 2 more years, decided AGAINST lifestyle, saved my money(it is the only face I have), and found a wonderful, caring, thoughtful Surgeon. I'm one week into my post op(neck lift,laser resurfacing,skin grafting for upper/lower lids and dermabrasion for upper/lower lips. As bruised as I am,still somewhat swollen and very red, I made the right choice. If you are happy with your decision not to have additional surgery, it's understandable because of what you've endured. But if you're unhappy, please reconsider future surgery. We learn fron our mistakes. I live in S Fl and cosmetic surgery is very competitive in fees! You could come here for a weeks vacation, have your surgery and still spend less than what it would cost in your own state. I love what your trying 1st as well, it pays to eat and live healthy(genetics too) Blessings to you
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After ten days of trying to clear infection I never heard from him again or the company

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