Love It, but I Get the Lumigan to Save $ - Seattle, WA

I started using Latisse, then switched to Lumigan...

I started using Latisse, then switched to Lumigan to save money. Same company (Allergan) and effective! I love Lumigan (Latisse) and highly recommend it for lash growth.


Where do you get Lumigan?
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I experienced no pain or downtime with Latisse, but eventually found Lumigan (the identical twin of Latisse and made by Allergan too).

Not many people know that Lumigan is the predecessor to Latisse.

When Lumigan (glaucoma) patients began experiencing longer, fuller lashes, Allergan realized they were onto something and began marketing their newfound beauty product as "Latisse" with the same active ingredient (0.03% bimatoprost found in Lumigan. In turn, they also charged more for it.

Because I have brown eyes, I wasn't worried about the possibility of my iris changing color. I had a bit of slight redness to my lids the first 3 weeks or so, but nothing aggravating. Some eyelid skin darkening did occur, but even that went away with extended use. I've used my products for about 2 years now and still swear by Lumigan.

You do have to use it continually to maintain your results. After the initial 16wks use is complete, and necessary to reach maximum length/fullness, I tapered my usage down to 4-5 days a week.

After a few months, my longest lashes will "shed" as they finish their life span, and are pushed out by new lashes, which again grow to those long lengths. You may experience periods of slightly shorter lashes, in other words, before a new cycle of lashes comes in. If you stop using Latisse/Lumigan, you'll see your long lashes fall out over a few weeks time. Your lids won't be bare, but your original lash growth before using the product.
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