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At 54, have nasial folds, slack temples, and...

At 54, have nasial folds, slack temples, and undereye hollowness. Effects of Juvederm only lasted 2 days for me.  If you have never tried it, I would recommend only buying one vial to help reduce the costly lesson in case it doesn't work.  Unfortunately, I bought two.

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Although she could have been more forthcoming about the disappointing results, it wasn't Dr Stella's fault, and I understand that the vials are too expensive for her to offer a refund.

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Hi, rivera.k, what you had for a day was just the swelling. The swelling can actually make the things look better if we are trying to make them bigger, like lips, for example. Usually, there is initial swelling, and then we have the final result in a couple of weeks. It may not last very long and can go away in a couple of months, especially at the first treatment, but it would be extremely unusual for Juvederm to basically just disappear and not show any results. Did you have it all in your lips? Did you have the procedure done at our office? If you did, we will be happy to see you back, and check before and after photos, and you have no result from Juvederm, we can either add more for free or chose a different filler, or talk about other options. We always like to see our patients a couple of weeks after the treatment to make sure they are happy with results after the initial swelling goes down, and we also call to check on all our injections patients.
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My juverderm lasted a day...... my lips went back to normal. I spent 525.... what a waste.
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Dear Yours Truly, thank you so much taking your time to write this and for your vote of confidence despite what was clearly disappointing results. Sorry to just be getting back to you now, but I was just taking a minute at my page and noticed your review. I am sincerely sorry you did not get to enjoy the results from your injection. Sounds like what you liked was more of a swelling reaction, which happens. It is possible we spread the two vials too thin, and then did not have enough of a noticeable improvement in any area of the face. The amount of product in 2 vials at that time was 1.6 cc. By comparison, a teaspoon is 5.0 cc. Unfortunately, the cost of the product frequently does not allow us to use enough product to achieve a full correction. Fortunately, since then the company has come up with bigger syringes. At 1.0 cc, they contain 25% more than before. All that being said, it is my responsibility to ensure the amount of product we have to work with is enough to achieve an improvement. It is a very expensive beauty treatment, and of course we strive to make our patients happy. Once again, I am sorry I did not set up the expectations properly, and did not achieve longer lasting results for you. I would love for you to come back and try the Juvederm again, on the house. Hope this message reaches you, and hope to see you soon, Sincerely, Dr. Stella
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I liked resaliyne better than Jervederm. Mine are fading and this is the 3rd week. What a waste.
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Actually I have faith in Dr Stella as competent and honest. I hardly bruised at all, which was surprising, because according to my green-spotted legs I bruise very easily. My face looked fabulous for 2 days. I guess my skin just doesn't hold hyaluronic acid. Perhaps Radiesse would work because it is a different substance.
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Hi Yours, 

You might want to check out this forum post Juvederm Lasted Less then a Week, they might have some info too. Others have mentioned this happening and found out their doctor was using really diluted product, maybe something to look into.



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It didn't work for me either. One vial in upper lip and lip lines ($550) and lasted two weeks. Never again.
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I believe it has a lot to do with how skilled the doctor is in administering. I have had it done by a doctor who did nothing but bruise me, absolutely no improvement. My regular plastic surgeon does an excellent job, you should see immediate, and lasting results. Keep shopping for experienced plastic (FACS) surgeons.
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Thank you I will do that.
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