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My mother had a great experience with a Glycolic...

My mother had a great experience with a Glycolic Peel by her dermatologist, so I thought I’d have the procedure done too. Unfortunately, I went to a high end spa in Seattle and not a doctor, so that may have been my mistake.

During the peel, the skin under and around my eyes was burning and itching, enough that I asked the aesthetician to stop, and she did, but too late. The skin around my eye area was totally burned. It was extremely painful and ugly for several days with redness and some blistering. The spa felt awful and did not end up charging me and gave me large samples of Valmont cream, which ended up healing the area I also have a very fair complexion and pretty sensitive skin, which could play a part in this.

If you are considering having a peel done, I would recommend having the procedure done at a dermatologist’s office and not at a spa.


Again sponson dermatologists are not working with the same products I glycolic peel done by a dermatologist is going to be much much stronger than anything used in a spa I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with the glycolic acid got on the sensitive skin under your eye but the blame rests with that of the esthetician not the entire spa business also if you want something from a spa get a microdermabrasion because it is much more bang for your buck
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I mean spas and dermatologists

Hi Seattle,

Well, although it wasn't a great experience for you at least the spa felt bad and tried to remedy the problem and everything turned out ok in the end. Next time you know to go see a doctor. Please keep us updated.

Thanks for the useful review and enjoy this week!


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