Still Swollen and Distorted 26 Days After Deep Plane Facelift, Upper and Lower Eyelids and Endoscopic Browlift

26 days ago I had a deep plane facelift, upper and...

26 days ago I had a deep plane facelift, upper and lower eyelids and a endoscopic browlift.

Recovery has been a lot harder than I ever anticipated and I am uncertain if I will ever be normal again. I am so eager to be healed and back out into the world.

I am wondering how long it takes for the outside of your face and under your chin and neck to look normal and not swollen and distorted?

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Please be patient! It can take from one month to 3 months to see the disappearance of swelling and up to a year to see the full results. It's natural to want what we want ASAP, but Nature,our genetics,how we take care of our bodies and skin,all dictate our recovery. PS If you ever want additional Cosmetic Surgery, come to South Florida! Most everything you desire is between $3K to $10K less and you can also vacation prior to surgery We have excellent, experienced surgeons. Been there and lots more done to me one week ago!
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