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Crooked Nose Still Crooked After Rhinoplasty

I am 3 weeks post-op after having rhinoplasty to...

I am 3 weeks post-op after having rhinoplasty to correct my previously broken and crooked nose. Immediately after getting my splint off the left bridge sticks out (like it did before)and accentuates the crooked appearance of the tip which still leans right (albeit much less than it did before). The bump on the bridge feels hard and doesn't appear to be going down in swelling and I am concerned that it is an irregularity from the bone setting incorrectly after it was broken during surgery. I know I shouldn't freak out and it's still early on but I'm pretty sure my nose would look crooked because of the bump even if it was completely straight. I've had no skin grafts and it was a full closed rhinoplasty.

Super easy, painfree recovery and way less invasive and faster recovery time than I ever expected. If you've got the money and you are unhappy with your nose there is no reason not to do this.

So I guess there are two questions I'm asking. First, is it possible that the lower two thirds of my nose will straighten if it hasn't yet? Second, do I have cause for concern yet on the hard bump?


Question:Crooked nose still crooked after Rhinoplasty.

Answer: Two weeks post-op is too soon to judge. The deformity that you noticed may be related to postoperative surgical swelling or other factors. On the other hand, it is possible that the bump on your bridge and the irregularity of the lower two thirds of your nose are truly still present or have occurred following the rhinoplasty. I would wait at least three to six months and, some cases, at least one year to best judge the contour of your nose. Often, when the lower two thirds of the nose deviates, it is related to a deviated nasal septum that needs to be corrected with a septoplasty. The septoplasty can be performed with or without rhinoplasty. The nasal bones and the region of the bridge is another issue. If the nasal bones are truly asymmetrical, osteotomies (re-breaking of the bones of the nose) may have to be redone.

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hello let me know how yor recovery goes please. I had a simila problem.
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