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Since I'm probably older than the average person...

Since I'm probably older than the average person going in for this proceedure maybe thats why i had such a ruff time afterwards. I had the front, backs and insides of my legs done. Ive always been embarrassed about the cellulite on the backs of my legs my whole life but since menopause its appeared all over my thighs. For the first week I ran a lowgrade fever and had no energy. My legs were very swollen and couldn't sit on the toilet. Had to stand in the shower and pee. I'm four weeks out now and feeling much better. I still have some very tender spots and alot of staining on my skin. I hoping in another month I'll see some positive results, but so far only minor improvement. Also there is alot of itching but i expected that as thats pretty common with the healing process.


Hi Skinned, would you mind sharing which doctor you went to? and what impression you had of the doctor/clinic? Thanks for your review!
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Well, I'm glad you had the option to stand and pee in the shower, but it certainly gives us an idea of how uncomfortable it must have been to try to sit.

Since you mentioned you thought you were older than the average person doing this, do you mind me asking your age, or approximate age?

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I'm 60. I noticed after I posted this I typed in the wrong price. I payed eight thousand, not eight hundred thousand. It's now been six weeks and improving every day. I expect by this summer this will all be worth it.
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