Breast Lift and Reduction, my D+ Sized Friends Are Jealous! - Seattle, WA

Tired of slogging around my 32F breasts on a...

Tired of slogging around my 32F breasts on a fairly small frame, I took action. Dr S understood not only did I want them put back to the place they had started 30 years ago, but I didn't want them to sag again. She agreed they were out of proportion for my frame.

I still wear a DD cup but am much higher and perkier. I have a waist again, defiantly took years off my figure and now I enjoy wearing pretty lacy bras and bathing suits.

First days after surgery were pretty tedious with the drains, but once those were out, most of the pain was gone after two weeks.

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Great review! I have been wanting one since my 20's, but because of pressure from family and boyfriends not to -- and for financial reasons -- I haven't pursued it. I have recently been thinking about it a lot more.

I still wish there was a way it could be done without the scars!
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Honestly the scars are not all that bad.  It beats having heavy, saggy breasts that hang to your waist. 

I would do it all over again if necessary.

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Mine was not covered by insurance nor was it reimbursed by my pre-tax medical spending account.

My only regret is there is a little 'pooch' the size of a currant at the bottom of the scar - should not interfere with my bra, but after the expense and time commitment, I want it as perfect as possible. Am waiting 2 more months to see if it smoothes out, if not, need to decide whether or not to have it removed - but sounds like it would be a 2-3" scar, which seems like a lot for a pretty small amount of skin. So we will see.

The first week was pretty painful and the drains were the worst. There was some painful 'nerve' issues around the removed internal tissue for the first month, but over the counter meds were fine.

I thought it would relieve my neck pain, but it did not. I do think my posture is generally better though since I am not hunching over to hide my cleavage.
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Count me in the jealous group, Boeboe!
I have been contemplating a BR for many years. I am also a 32F, on a fairly small frame of 5'5", 130lbs. As you are well aware, any bra or swimsuit purchases are speciality and cost a pretty penny! I am only 32 yrs, but after 20+ yrs and 2 babies, I am SAGGY and heavy!
Although I am greatly misporpotioned, there are medical insurance issues, as I am not overweight, and 32F is not considered "grossly large"... the stereostypes are disappointing. Medical legislation for BRs in my province is in the midst of change, but since my "not so thrilling" TT in Apr, I am very hesitant to consider further surgery.
Was your BR covered by insurance? Have you any regrets? How long til you felt "normal"? and... do your back and shoulders feel great?
  • Reply are soooooo right! After 30 years of being saddled down, I am so elated and it's hard to explain to someone else unless they've walked with this too heavy feeling. No regrets!!!!
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Glad to hear it!   All light, tight and perky now:)

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I bet you feel amazing after lightening the load.  Unless you have actually been there it is hard to explain how good that feels.

How many days post OP are you?

Thank you for sharing your story here on RealSelf.  It is extremely helpful for other ladies considering this process.  Glad you are happy with your results!

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97 days.
  • Reply are counting:)     I like it!   And still feeling good I hope.

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