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An Excellent Experience... Pros: I can wear...

An Excellent Experience...

I can wear bras and tops that I never could before also I was to embarssed to even wear a swimsuit, now I actually have something to put in it. I actually feel like a normal woman now. So therefore my self-esteem and confidence is so much better.

The cons of course is the pain you have to deal with. But the pain meds do help.

What size implant did you go with? I think you look wonderful and very natural.

Thank you so much for posting your photos and experience here on RealSelf. Your new breasts look wonderful and I bet you're thrilled. Nice that the pain is temporary but the benefits far outlast the cons. :)

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I really liked my doctor because she was easy to talk to,but very professional also. So therefore I felt perfectly comfortable with her. Also I had researched her work and her patients were all satisfied and looked very good. I also am very pleased with the surgery, the care, and the results.

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