200cc Saline Implants Under Pectoral Muscle - Post-op Day 3

I had very deflated breasts after weaning my...

I had very deflated breasts after weaning my daughter and went from a B+ cup to an A. After surgery, I'm a C and very happy with the results and the experience with my surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm an avid runner and was concerned about getting back into it. I didn't want it to be obvious that I had had implants either. I'll wait the two weeks, but I feel well enough to resume normal activiteis already.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

He is considered the "best" in this region and has done over 4000 breast augmentations. He sees many women with botched inplants and those with bilateral mastectomy. If you are looking for a natural look and not grapefruits, he is your man!

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This is a great conservative result and it shows how good communication and understanding between doctor and patient is so critical. The happy patient should be the final product of any cosmetic surgery.
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I think you look fantastic! How do they look now?
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Are you still happy? I'm curious how tall you are?
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Wow, that's only on day 3? You look great! I hope it turned out well for you now that your completely healed.

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How do you like the saline implants? I have 20 year old silicone ones now & am looking to replace them due to contraction on 1. I am leaning towards saline mainly for cost which at this time is unfortunately an issue. Anything you can share about the salines would be a big help.
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