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Hello All! So glad to see this site. I just...

Hello All! So glad to see this site. I just googled removal of breast implants and this site came up. I had my first implants done in 1987, silicone..since then I've had 14 surgeries, this has been a nightmare and has cost me 10's of thousand of dollars. At this point, probably the worst decision I've ever made, my BIGGEST regret was getting these implants.

Today, I have one of the worst capsules my plastic surgeon has ever seen. I'm in SO much pain all the time, my left breast is SO tight and bulging and pushing up implants have fallen out of their pockets..a true nightmare. I want them out and my plastic surgeon will NOT even think about reimplanting anything. Clearly my body does not like these implants.

So, my surgery is scheduled next month. I'm scared because I've had at least something in there for over 20 years, but I can't stand these things, can't sleep, hug anyone, have to have ice packs on them. I'm very I'll just have to see what's left, but I'm happy to see the posts on here. Most of you women look SO much better with those ballons in, ya know.

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Doing better, thanks! Pain in my arms (nerves) are starting to get better, am able to lift and do more. Still can't lift my right arm all the way up...but it's getting better. Having some depression with this though. It's just such an adjustment to go from boobs to none..but, they're getting better day by day...hard to find a bra...they still need to heal and puff up..I'm waiting. HA!
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Hi Katie. How are you doing? Hope your recovery is going well.
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Hi Katie, I know you have already scheduled your surgery, and I hope your doctor is very caring and understanding. I'm sure you will feel so much better after you get those things out! If you want a second opinion, my doctor, Dr. Haeck, was the most understanding, caring and wonderful surgeon I could have hoped for. He never once made me feel anything other than fantastic about my descion. He gave me realistic expectations about my results without making me feel scared. I have a review on this forum as well if you would like to read my story and see my pics. If anyone else reading this forum is looking for a great doctor in the Seattle area, please go see Dr. Haeck!
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Hi All,

Thanks for the comments...sheatheviking...I know who Dr. Haeck is. My surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday, the 30th...they'll take me first because I'm a type 1 diabetic..and I will have to stay inpatient.

So, those who have had their implants removed...were you in a lot of pain, where they incapsulated (is that a word, medical term..ha??!). I'm not so nervous about the surgery but am about the recovery. Did you have drains? How long on pain medications, if any..and how long until you were able to drive and move around? How were the incisions after surgery. Will there be anything, other then 'sagging' left to put in a bra?

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Hi Katie, how are things? When is your op scheduled for? Don't be scared. It will be fine and you are going to feel such relief afterwards I promise.
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Hey Katie, sounds like the sooner you get them out the better. Why can't they take them out sooner? I have had a compromised immune system and suffer from fibromyalgia too and I suspect that my symptoms were probably related to my ruptured implant. I too had mine for 20 years. Good luck Honey and keep up posted.
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hi katie2012,

im sorry to hear for what u r going thru, your body has indeed gone thru alot and im happy for the decision u took.

give your breast that rest now and i can assure u, even if u had them for 20 years, u will be so surprised of the outcome.

U wont regret but love your new shape, be strong and stay positive. yul be just fine like all of us here.

There are women here who have had them for 20 odd years and they look superb today.
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Thanks. I've been told, however, they'll look very inflated. It seems, the older I get, that I have more breast tissue, not sure. Also, I was just recently diagnosed with Type 1 Autoimmune Diabetes, basically juvenile diabetes I just got a rare form as an adult, it's not the highly common type 2, I'm now on an insulin pump and totally insulin dependent. For some reason, I feel like these implants, all the problems I had wrecked havoc on my immune system, hence autoimmune diabetes, which is a horrific, horrible scary as H@LL disease. I'm scared too of healing after surgery, I even have to stay in the hospital afterwards for a day or two so they'll monitor my incisions, insulin, watch for infection. I'm SO SCARED. Were you gals put on antibotics afterwards? Anyone have really bad capusles and was it painful?

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Thank you for finding us and starting your story here! I'm sorry your implants have given you so much trouble. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you see after your removal.

Please keep us updated! This is a great group of ladies who will help see you through.

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