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"11 days after my breast augmentation & I...

"11 days after my breast augmentation & I am still experiencing moderate pain, especially in my underarm area as well as a painful rash under my left breast from the surgical bra/tape. I knew that this would be a painful experience but I am surprised at how tender and sore my entire chest area still is. My main concern is that my right breast feels VERY tight and there is an uncomfortable sensation beneath the muscle. Additionally, my right underarm is numb to the touch, and I hope this won't be permanant.

Doctor and nurses assured me at my post-op appt that all is normal and time will heal all my aches and pains. I guess my pain tolerance is pretty low.

I also stay home full time with my 2 toddlers, so that's made things more difficult. If you have small children I would suggest having someone to help you full time for AT LEAST 5-7 days after your surgery.It would not be possible to recover without help.

Anyway, having said all of this, my breasts are ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!! I went from a 34 A to a very full 34 C (still swollen... time will tell) and the shape and look are PERFECT!!"

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Girl, I know what you mean. I finally found the perfect bra to help with all my pains at and it had all the needed accessories need after surgery. It truly feels like home once I put it back on after surgery. The web page has a boobie pillow that fits between the breast to help with the pain when your laying on your side.
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I'm sorry you're in so much discomfort! It sounds like you've had someone to help you with the toddlers then? That's such a physical thing, I hope you're not overdoing it!

Thank you for posting your experience here on RealSelf!

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