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16 Units of Botox to my Forehead During Week of Conception

I went in on a whim with a friend who was having...

I went in on a whim with a friend who was having it done. I had not planned to get it, but decided I would treat myself to an early birthday present.

Pros- smooth forehead.

Cons- I'm terrified that I've hurt my baby!


Did you rate this "not worth it" because you did not like how Botox worked for you or because you found out you were prenant after the fact? Kinda confusing since you say you have a smooth forhead but gave it a thumbs down. If you read what Sharon mentioned I think you will feel better about things.
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Hi Daniele,

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Hope this helps!

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I recently found out I'm pregnant and just...

I recently found out I'm pregnant and just realized, with horror, that I conceived right around the same time I got 16 units of botox to my forehead. Are the risks greater since it was so early in the pregnancy before implantation? I'm terrified....


Can we get the dr name and telephone number please?
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I am wondering the same thing cause for the price and what she said other than the pregnancy portion it seems totally worth it and its in canadian dollars too! I think her baby is fine and if she is concerned she needs to ask her dr, not the botox board.
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