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So..... I was a wild one in my late teens and...

So..... I was a wild one in my late teens and decided to get a bunch of unnecessary tattoos. When I hit my 20's and realized how tacky they looked I decided to go and seek tattoo removal.

My experience was that IT HURTS! You can get numbing injections but I could not have the one that worked best because it caused my heart to race. I decided to go with the non stimulating type injection but it didn't seem to completely numb the tattoo. YES, it is worth it. I have one more that is halfway removed and I will post when the tattoo is off. It makes me think twice about getting another one.

I had one other tattoo removed that I posted up on...

I had one other tattoo removed that I posted up on the site. Here is the 2nd one I am working on. I was about 17 whenI got it done and now 27 and really trying to get it off! I can never where tank tops without having to cover it up because it looks so tacky, even halfway removed.

If the tattoo artist has used an unnecessarily large needle for the tattoo, it is VERY hard to remove. I am 6 sessions in, 1000.00 invested and the tattoo is almost half way gone. Remember when you are getting this done to be very patient. The hardest part about tattoo removal is that I can't exercise for a day or two after the procedure is done and I have to wear a huge bandage. It will be worth it once it is done.

Update June 28, 2012

I just went again last night to Caddell's and had another treatment. Debbie took over for Greg and I LOVE her! She charges by the minute versus by the square inch which is much more affordable. She also really understands ink and does all the ex-prison and gang members for free. Right there shows the type of person she is. Because she understands the types of inks and lasers involved she used a laser on me that is supposed to be better with blue ink. I am about 16 hours out now and waiting to change my bandage. I am going back in August so I will keep you posted! She recommends a treatment every 6-8 weeks. :)

The reason I went back to Caddell's is that I stopped by Kukumber Skin Lounge which is on my way home and did one treatment there one day. The lady working the laser could not find my ink and was shaking while she was working on me. It was not a good experience at all, I was really disappointed.

With Debbie's laser at Caddell's she said it still picks up on the ink. I'll keep everyone updated!

7/7 Just posted pics of my bandages that I had to keep on for 3 days as well as my progress (scaly and very itchy!)

7/8 Ok... So today my scabs have pretty much fallen off and I can see how the ink has lifted out into the scab. I know this sounds gross but my tattoo removal specialist's laser works in two ways. It causes you to form a scab which lifts the ink, but also the laser makes it so your body absorbs some of the ink as well over time. This makes sense since I have noticed my tattoo has faded in between treatments over time. The other tattoo removal companies in the area have lasers that just blister you and so your body supposedly absorbs all of the ink. Debbie told me that she has tested these lasers and hasn't gotten the results she was hoping for. I went to the pool today and was really excited about how much my tattoo has lifted and gone away after this one last treatment. I think it REALLY helped using the laser for blue ink. I am actually really looking forward to my next treatment (never thought I'd look forward to being lasered). :/ I am feeling confident I can have my tattoo gone in the next treatment or two so I can start working on the others. Because she charges by the minute I am also less stressed out on the costs. That is one reason I've hesitated so long between treatments. I'll update pictures soon....

7/19 Ok I went back Tuesday for another treatment, but now to start working on my other tattoos! I was going to begin working on my back and stomach but the problem is that I am too tan. Debbie told me it would be a waste of a treatment until my skin lightens a bit so that I don't blister. I really appreciated the honesty and not going through it for nothing. Instead, I worked on my butt tattoo and foot today. I'm uploading photos so you can see how it looks after a treatment.

I am going to make sure I have no spray tan on or tan tan and am coming back in two weeks. Also, check out my arm lightening up daily! Next treatment- end of July- arm again, end of August.

OK... BEST PIECE OF ADVICE. I have been doing this lately with NO NUMBING. I am not going to lie- it definitely hurts. Actually, the butt by far hurt the most- I guess fat has more nerve endings. I suggest talking to Debbie about putting on numbing cream 45 minutes before you come in. She can put it on in the office but it takes 45 minutes to kick it and I am too impatient to wait. It is tolerable without numbing- I don't have a great pain tolerance, but have to warn you that it is uncomfortable. Next treatment I am going to talk to her about numbing beforehand to take some edge off.

8/10 Just had my back worked on last night with the laser... Jerry and Debbie worked on it. OMG, ok the back hurts! I am having my doctor order me lidocaine cream and supposedly I need to put plastic wrap over it an hour before and let the numbing cream kick in. I'm going back next week to have my stomach worked on- and I will be numbed to the hills! I'll update you on how it looks when I take my bandage off.

For all you with colored tattoos- Lucky you! Black tattoos hurt way more to remove- the colored ink removing laser doesn't bother me. The nice thing is that Debbie and Jerry are so cool that at least you don't want to run out of the room.

I'm uploading a new pic of my stomach that's been lasered once- as of last week.

Believe it or not, the stomach didn't really hurt because I left the lidocaine on for about an hour and covered it with plastic wrap before we started. Piece of cake... never thought I'd say that. Thank goodness for numbing cream!

I'll post a pic- it already looks lighter.

09/26/2012 Going in tonight to have my stomach treated again. Wish me luck!

10/12/2012 Just went last night for treatment #3 on my back. I'll keep you posted but it's really lightening. It's funny because I am getting a lot of compliments on it now that it is fading. I think this is because before it was a dark blob and no one knew what it was. LOL

Also, my stomach I am seeing a little bit of lightening on but not a ton so far. Debbie told me because it's tribal it take a lot longer to remove because the ink is layered and deep. I am realizing that color is a lot easier to remove than black- much to the opposition that you hear from people. Trust me- been there, doing that!

I've only had 2 treatments done on my stomach though, and I remember with my arms I didn't see a big difference until 3/4, and then it was really noticeable. The Lidocaine cream is my best friend btw! It really helped me with the uncomfort last night.

Caddell's Laser

At first I was happy with Caddell's and Greg but was getting frustrated by the amount of treatments it was taking to remove my tattoos. He got one off but the other one is being stubborn. Debbie has taken over and she REALLY knows what lasers to use with what types of ink. One treatment with her (at less cost then before) there is an enormous difference with my tattoo. I am feeling like lasers really can work well when they are used by the right technician. So I'm sticking with Caddell's, and I have really done my homework on this one. 8/16 update- Here is my stomach tattoo video below that I took to show you what it is like. :) Thank goodness for Lidocaine cream! Also FINALLY my back isn't itching anymore. Where the colored laser hit the angel's head it was itching pretty bad for several days. It's mellowed out. ;)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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I purchased a lidocane cream on eBay for five bucks and it really works. It's called deep numb. I don't know if you're being charged for years or anything but I suggest ordering it if you're paying more than that per gram!
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Thanks so much for an awesome review! You have great results!!!
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Hi what kind of laser are they using on you? The fading is drastic in some of the tattoos!
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Hi Alma3713!  It's the Yag 1064 I believe?  The 532 is what she uses on my color and the higher number on my black. :)

The first ones are fading drastic but my back tattoo is taking longer because of the green.  Slowly but surely it's working.

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hi kate! so i have been looking into laser for a year now but keep getting discouraged because i am terrified of making.more of a mess than what i have. i have heard of caddells and that is the.only place i wanna go so when i read your post it made me happy. i have a big red rose and a big purple flower on my arm..upper arm. om hopinh to get lightened so i can go over it with something better. but than i see the healing process and it terrifies me. also i know i need to stop smoking but i heard smoking affects your treatments and you dont get the same results. have you heard anything about this. any advice would be appriciated. thank you so much
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Hi Ashlee!  I'm so sorry I didn't see your comment for some reason before?  Red came out really fast for me so that's a great color to want to remove with what I've seen.  I'm not sure about smoking but I did hear it goofs up your recovery.  I'll post a question on RealSelf to see if any doctors will answer it?  Also, you could email Caddell's and see what Debbie says?  I email them at:

Hope all is well for you!


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Thanks kate by the way ive gotten tattoo removal and my tattoo is also darker and blistery is this good or bad?
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It's pretty normal for it to look darker - could be the blood, bruising..however you will want to ask your tech, mine, and others I have seen are much darker after the treatment and lighten as it heals. I also blister, also normal - don't pick them
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Hi Jonq1234!


For some reason I am not getting emailed updates on my review?  It has been the same experience for me, it gets darker before it gets lighter.  I think it's because the ink gets pushed up to the surface and then the scab expels it.  Also your body absorbs some of the ink from what I've been told.

How are you doing now?

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Hi Jonq1234,


I'll take an after photo!  It is fading- but it's a slower change with this one because of how deep some of the colors are.  The angels have faded the most.


Thanks for reminding me, Happy Halloween!



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Hi kate Did the dark blistery angel babies ever fade? Do you have any after pictures?
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Hi Kate, I am doing the last treatments on my tattoo but I see that you are getting one of your tattoo's surgically removed, can you keep me posted on that? I was wondering where you would get that done and how much it costs? Thanks!
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Hi Amanda,


Yes in the areas where I don't care about a bad scar it makes sense to just excise.  For instance- this tacky tattoo on my thigh.. I had it cut out.

The recovery was really really slow to be honest.  I think it's because It rubbed so much when I exercised.  I'll post an after photo shortly. ;)


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Oh, and I'm so sorry for the delay.. I was out of town!

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Thanks! I have a smaller sized tattoo on top of my foot and I've done my fourth laser treatment and I haven't seen any improvements at all. Where did you go to get it surgically removed? Idk if I can get a foot tattoo surgically removed thought. Not sure where to find a doctor in NY that can do it. And I am unsure of the price range. If you have any information on this I would greatly appreciate it!
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Hi Amanda56231,

What color is your tattoo?  Here is a tattoo removal review with the price in Houston, I'm not sure about NY though?


I know plastic surgeons and general surgeons will surgically remove tattoos, but have you tried another laser tattoo removal specialist?  What color is your tattoo?


Talk to you soon!






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Kate, It's just a black tattoo with not too much ink. I haven't tried anyone else. The last time I went it left my foot bloody and blistery, thanks for the website I will look into it! I am just getting a little discouraged because I have been 4 times and it hasn't changed at all and looks darker sometimes. Thanks! Amanda Behrens
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Check out this page - it shows cost by area on a map, so it could help you know what costs are in NY & find a doctor if you like the results the community members who posted the reviews had. :)

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Thanks Megan I really appreciate it! Looking into it right now!
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Hi Kate, what do you think about that ? I found new technology and it could be better than laser. You´ve got more experience, please take a look and let me know what do you think. Technology callled TES Tattoo Eraser System, They say: it effectively removes over 90% of a tattoo in one sitting regardless of its color, size, configuration, depth and age. I will be waiting for your opinion.. Thx Jan
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Hi Jan!  I haven't heard of this but I'll check it out. :)  I'm so sorry I didn't see your comment for some reason until now? Thanks for letting me know.


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Hi Jan,


It sounds amazing- it doesn't look like any doctors in the USA are using it currently (or not approved yet in the USA?)  I requested more information to learn about it.

Thanks for the heads up! :)


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Hi Kate, thx for reply :) here is some information what I found about T.E.S. (unfortunately it is only in Italian language) I found that T.E.S. is approved by FDA Jan
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