Active and Deep FX - Horrible Experience

I had active and deep fx done three weeks ago...

I had active and deep fx done three weeks ago.

Although the procedure itself was very painful, I didn't care because I was very optimistic about the results. The recovery was absolutely horrible. The oozing is gross and the itching is almost unbearable. I told the doctor I had 10 days before I went back to work. That was not nearly enough time and I ended up taking another week off. Last week was my first week back at work and I felt horrible. My face is still bright red and blotchy, uncomfortably tight and rough in some areas. I was expecting to be fully recovered by now. This has been the worst experience of my life.

I did the treatment to get rid of brown spots, some acne scarring and fine lines. After three weeks I can't think of any pros.

I am so depressed and wonder if my face will ever return to normal?
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The recovery was not clearly explained to me

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I to have the same skin conditions & am thinking of having it done. Are you looking better now,is it worth it?
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hi! yes, i had both done... my doctor told me there was a risk of some persistent redness but if you are still worried i would schedule a follow up. its 2 months for me now and all the redness is gone. i do feel my skin has improved: not dramatic but about 50% better for sundamage.... all of the wrinkles around my eyes are gone and my skin tone is much better. my boyfriend says it took off about 5 years (he's brutally honest so i trust him!). hope that's hard to see the improvement when your face is still red.
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hey.. not sure when you had this done or if you're still experiencing the redness problem but wanted you to know even though my experience was mainly positive after 7 weeks i still have redness. it does get better little by little every day.... apparently for a few of us the healing process takes a lot longer=( i went yesterday for a facial/microderm and it helped tremendously. would not recommend this though until your face is less sensitive and the roughness goes down . hang in there/ be religious about sun protection... it will get better.
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Thanks for the message. Did you have both active and deep done? It has now been a month for me and my face is still very red and blotchy. After it is all healed I don't think my skin will be any better than it was before the procedure. Do you feel your skin has improved?
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