Acne Got Worse After Isolaz Treatment - Seattle, WA

I had moderate acne as a teenager and young adult,...

I had moderate acne as a teenager and young adult, then went on Accutane and have had clear skin since (I'm now in my early thirties). Recently, I have experienced mild to moderate breakouts, so my dermatologist recommended I try Isolaz.

I went in for my first treatment 3 days ago and I can honestly say my face hasn't been this broken out since I was a teenager! My forehead is covered with tiny red bumps, and I now have large pustular acne along my jawline and cheeks. Plus, it looks like my blackheads have actually gotten worse in my t-zone.

This is so disappointing. It sounds like I'm in the minority as far as my experience with this treatment goes, but for me, it was definitely not worth it. Would love to hear about alternative treatments that have worked for others, esp from those who have also not had success with Isolaz.

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You are not in the minority. The same thing happened to my son and we can't figure out how to reverse the awful raised spots and scars from this treatment scam!

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I would advise to give it several treatments before coming to a verdict. I do experience breakouts sometimes after sessions, especially in the beginning of treatment and if I miss a a month or two of maintenance. But they quickly heal in just a couple of days leaving unbelievable blemish free skin. I have been using antibiotics and topicals for the last several years, and Isolaz for the last year or so. This is the first time in my life I can actually skip makeup if I want!!! I have had acne since age 10.

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Try Allumera. can be used alone or in combination with Isolaz

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Unlike a lot of people, I didn't have much acne as a teenager, but rather I ended up dealing with adult acne in my 20s. I have tried a lot of products in the last few years, ranging from expensive to inexpensive. I have to say I tried the LADY SOMA Antioxidant Berry Masque because its been around for years, so I thought I would try this new line. I think it works pretty well, and it cleared up the most stubborn acne I had, without drying out my skin.

While this is suppose to exfoliate the skin, I wouldn't say its harsh at all. The face wash contains little soft beads that gently exfoliate so it doesn't harm your skin. So I think those with sensitive skin will be okay using this product.
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I've read that these breakouts can happen after treatments like this, that it's just impurities working themselves out of your system. How's your skin now?
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Hi Gigi,

Oh that is awful. Now you have more problems to deal with before, I'm so sorry. You might want to check out these worth it review from other acne sufferers and what they did and maybe you could find something to help with this new and old problem. Keep us updated what you do next.

Thanks for the review, hopefully your week will get better. 


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