Still Searching for the Best Teatment for Facial Keloid

Recieved treatment many times for keloid scar that...

recieved treatment many times for keloid scar that i developed from chicken pox as a child.

ive had the sheet,kenolog injections and surgery and i dont want anymore surgery i just want scar to be less noticeable.


I am having similar problems with a keloid scar from 7 years ago. The sheets never helped me. How are your results?
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I have been using a Non Ablative fractional laser on some keloid, hypertrophic and surgical scarring. I am having excellent results. You do,however, have to treat the keloid scar conservatively and test spots are a must before treatment. I have seen a softening and flattening of these scars with the Non Ablative laser. Skin types I-IV.
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yes thats what this doctor say he was going to do, he was place strips on scar after the surgery then after awhile as it would close he put stitches in saying he would institch.but scar is painful at times its still very tender and it is very noticeable...i just want it to be flatened and given something that will take down itching and swelling when it gets irritated.another question,is it so tender because its still healing or will it always feel like this?
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it will come back worst then what it was

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