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Velashape Did Not Work for Me, Unfortunately - Seal Beach, CA

I tried Velashape in the quest to reduce my...

I tried Velashape in the quest to reduce my cellulite, which has haunted me since I was 13. Unfortunately, Velashape did nothing more but waste an hour it of my life. I saw no difference of an kind. When something sounds to good to be tru, it usually is :( I wish I had not spent the money on this procedure. It doesn't hurt, so that's a plus but if it doesn't work, who cares?


Wow, you have been dealing with cellulite since you were 13? I'm sorry to hear that. :( I've been watching & waiting to hear how things go in the long haul for some of the first Cellulaze patients. It is suppose to be a great treatment for cellulite - but like many people I'm holding my breath & waiting to hear what our community members end up saying after the 3-6 month period it takes to see the full results.

Sorry the Velashape didn't work for you. It is always such a disappointing feeling to spend money on something (especially that much money!) and not see results.

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I realize that it might have sounded Iike I had...

I realize that it might have sounded Iike I had one treatment, but I actually had 4.


Yes, I am pretty convinced it is genetic. As soon as I hit puberty, I got cellulite. I have also hear of Cellulaze and looked at the before and after pictures. Right now, I'm in the middle of getting endromologie to see if it helps. I am about 1/2 way though the 20 session I bought, so I will try to post the pics I took early on with the pics at the end.
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Yes, please keep us posted on how the endromologie works. Hoping it gives you some good results!!

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