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I have had Radiesse a few times and I love it. At...

I have had Radiesse a few times and I love it. At 34, I have tried Juvederm and Restalyn as well. Neither product worked nearly as well for plumping as Radiesse. Please note that I did not use it under my eyes, which I have heard is not recommended. I had it put in my cheeks, which helped with the hollows under my eyes and in my chin, which helped shape my face. I would recommend Radiesse to anyone wanting to plump hollow areas of the face. Always be careful of anything you put under your eyes, as I have had many issues over the years trying to correct dark circles and hollowness and ended up making things worse than when I started.

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Also, I think using it I you cheeks actually helps th nasolabial folds by stretching the skin as well.
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I have not. I did put Restaylne in my nasolabial folds but that is not my favorite place for a filler because it makes your mouth look funny to me. I have done it though but not with Radiesse. Some how despite all of my other issues, I don't really have crows feet yet but I do have crepeing under my eyes. So, I haven't tried it the yet but I might one day soon!
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That is great to hear that putting it in your cheeks helped with your under eye hollows. I'm the same age as you and am curious if you used it (or anything else) for crows feet or nasolabial folds??

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