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Ipl Worked for my Hyper Pigmentation! - Seal Beach, CA

IPL has helped my face with hyperpigmentation. I...

IPL has helped my face with hyperpigmentation. I have melasma, and dark circles so I was told to try the IPL to help. They also call it a photo facial where I usually go. Although it does hurt( I actually think it is one of the more painful procedures), I do think it helped with my hyperpigmentation and melasma. Your skin looks a little burnt and swollen for a week but it is worth it. I have had 2 treatments so far and I am pleased with the reduction in pigment. I plan on getting several more over the course of the following months.

I think it improved the overall quality of my skin but I did not notice a change in oil production (I have combination skin). I noticed the effects more a few weeks after and maybe they've lessened a little in the months to follow but overall a great treatment.

So glad the IPL gave you good results!! Did you notice any other changes in your skin from it (more/less oil production, more/less fine lines, etc)?


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