Scuptra Looks Very Natural at 3 Months but Worried About the Future

I had sculptra done in february because the skin...

I had sculptra done in february because the skin around my mouth and jaw was starting to sag. It really bothered me alot so I asked what best form of treatment was and was told sculptra.

I did a little research online and all seemed good. So I then booked consultation with a plastic surgeon and convinced me it was the right treatment for me.

After the first lot of injections although i was very badly bruised i saw a very subtle difference within a few weeks. So I decided to go ahead with the second round. This time two viles were used. Afterwards my face was very swollen and the bruising was awful. I was covered in them. And they lasted for 16 days.

Once the brusing faded i could see that the area around my mouth was again looking better and less loose. Then.. 3 weeks ago i developed what i can only describe as a oval shape bump on my cheek.. Its not big but its on the surface of the skin not beneath. Also i keep breaking out in itchy spots and thats something that has never happened to me before so im starting to wonder if my immune system is reacting to this foreign substance in my skin. Also sometimes my jaw feels heavy and aches.

I came online to research it and found this site and now im so very scared. I didnt realise that the lumps and bumps can appear as late as 6 to 12 months later.
I'm wishing id never had it done. All these poor people who now seem to be disfigured due to sculptra.

Im hoping im going to be one of the lucky ones and not get any worse than the one bump i have which is small (at the moment) but every day im massaging still and checking my face. Im living in constant fear of disfigurement.

I know i may be catastrophizing and obssessng about something that might not happen but after finding this site i think not.

There seems to be so many people with bad experiences even years later.

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Better Understanding: you are insane. Have you read this site? Have you read the facts about Sculptra? Seriously, there are safer options. I WISH I had read this before agreeing to this #%!!. Are you kidding? You have all the info in front of you, love yourself enough to protect yourself for god's sake.
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Well, I don't know if anyone has had any experience with Dt. Braun in Vancouver, BC, Canada with Sculptra injections, but I would love to hear any comments if you have...My appointment is next week!
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I never knew about chronic pain, I sure do now.
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I began Sculptra treatment last November (08)and was told by the practioner that I would need between 2 and 3 treatments. When I went for my second treatment in January I pointed out to the practioner a small lump below my right eye. He told me that with plenty of massaging this lump would be reabsorbed. I saw the same practioner again on my third treatment and pointed out the lump again adding that I thought it was getting bigger, although at that point I wasn't overly concerned as the lump was below the surface and not at all noticeable. However, over the past 6 weeks the lump in now large and hard and is noticeable protruding above the surface. After reading many comments on the subject of Sculptra lumps it scares me to learn the fact that these lumps do not go away quickly and I might have to live with a prospective '3rd eye' for years or face surgery in an area that no doubt will cause scaring. I recently spoke to another doctor who advised me that these lumps are caused when the Sculptra material is not injected deep enough into the tissue.
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Paul, I don't know if you are still on the site, but I guess I am one of the lucky few, as it is a year later and I have no lumps or bumps under either eye after Sculptra. My only complaint is that the fullness achieved after 2-3 injections only lasted about a year.I also had severe swelling and bruising after each treatment. Aren't the results suppose to last longer? Thanks-
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my 2 lumps have finally faded enough that they are not really noticable anymore, after 3 years. I did have cortisone shots 1 week later when this happened, you might want to check into that* Good luck*
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thanks taking time to read my post and replying. It somehow makes you feel less isolated knowing there are other who understand your fears and worries. HHKKitty, thanks for showing me that there are options to take if things get worse. I intend taking it with me when i go back for my review.
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On the Right side of this page is a column called "Top Questions After Sculptra". See the link called "What can I do about Sculptra lumps?" and read the response at the bottom by Dr. Gail Humble. This might provide some good insight.
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I am truly so sorry to hear of another woman harmed. Hopefully with time your body will be able to rid itself of what you are experiencing.
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