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Sculptra Worked Great in my Under-eye Hollows

Two months ago I had Sculptra injected to fill the...

Two months ago I had Sculptra injected to fill the hollows under my eyes. This area is a constant torment for me. I hate looking drawn and tired all the time. My eye hollows are uneven too, with the right one being, in my opinion, much worse. My hubby says it’s because I sleep on the same side every night! I have looked into temporary vanity procedures many times in the past: teeth whitening, collagen, etc. I went to a new dermatologist to ask about Restylane under my eyes. I read about it online. He said he uses Restylane but not under the eyes because of uneven results, then he suggested Sculptra instead. He said it might take 2-3 treatments to get the full effect but I could be happy about 1 too. I am happy with my results after 1 treatment! I was down and bruised for about a week and I didn’t think I would see any change, then the area seemed to fill up before my eyes. It wasn’t overnight but it was something I could see changing. Hubby saw it too and he is the type to ask, “New outfit?” five years too late! While it was filling up I actually worried it would be too much but I was glad to see a change anyway. I don’t know if bad results or no results would have got me down more. It’s been two months now and I am still filled under my eyes. Again it is not perfect and not a miracle but it is still a change and I’m happy for that.
How are your under eyes now years later? Is everything ok? Did you go back for more?
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