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Sculptra Worked Great but Left Needle Marks

Scultra worked great on my under eye hollows...

Scultra worked great on my under eye hollows.  It lasted almost 3 years.

The only problem was that the needle used during the last procedure  (three total - one month apart) left bruise and needle marks (hyperpigmentation) that did not go away.  I don't know if this was due to the color of my skin.  (golden brown) or for some other reason.   The doctor did use ice and lidocaine before and during the procedure.   The doctor prescribed tri-luma and it helped alot, however 3 years later and I still can see these faint marks.

I'd really like to try sculptra again or another filler but I am afraid of the same marked results.  For a very fair person, this probably would not be an issue.  I will say that I would NOT have sculptra done by anyone other than an experienced doctor.  Right now I am trying to find a doctor that specializes in persons with colored skin.

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Do the women who have had serious problems have before and after photos they can post? Thanks.
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Wow, this stuff looks great, like a liquid face lift but with no risks. In reality, it is a nightmare. I am so sorry for the woman like myself and those who will be harmed in the the future before the FDA catches up with this garbage and stops these wacko reckless surgeons and dermos for injecting pla for profit who could not care less about the harm they cause... I cannot stop this horrific garbage from harming other woman.
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