I Like Sculptra

I had this procedure twice, one year apart. I...

I had this procedure twice, one year apart. I felt it definitely improved my appearance so went back for more. Of course you look SUPER the first 2 days and then the swelling and fluid is absorbed. I felt it was worth the money again AND I WILL CAREFULLY WATCH MY RESULTS THIS TIME. Some bruising,discomfort but Dr. is very skilled and uses lido & a topical. Basically KNOW your Dr. ***UPDATE !!! Six weeks after second treatment my face is great. Really nice on puppet mouth lines.


I seen the advertisements so i decided to try it. I was making less than $ 50,000 at the time and qualified for financial assistance through a program from the maker. That was not told to me at first. I ended up getting the Vials for free but had to pay the Dr. bills for injections. I got the first treatment/2 vials and waited about 6 weeks and did another 3 vials. Then about 2 months later did another 2 vials. I started to really see a difference. My face was much fuller. Just be careful and don't get carried away. My doctor is good, but one time he got the injection too close under my eye and i had to get the sculptra taken out. Very good for cheek areas and around mouth. It is painful to get done, but well worth it in the end. The psychological benefits are terrific. I feel much better about myself. Before, i was almost scarred to go in public, thinking everyone could tell i had HIV. I am not on no medication and health and have been for the past 6 years.
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