Sculptra, Love the Results, Depends on the Experience/skill of Person Injecting

I went in for a look at a minor lift/tuck in the...

I went in for a look at a minor lift/tuck in the jaw and cheek area due to sagging. The Dr. told me that I did not need surgery and recommended Sculptra for longer lasting results. I talked to the technician and the rep for Restalyne and Perlane. Both convinced me that Sculptra was the best product for me. This person is one of the best injectors in the Dallas area. She did not overfill, this is crucial for good results. I noticed the results immediately and my husband tells me that I do look younger. There was minor bruising for 7-10 days, but makeup helps. Love it !!!


Looking for a reputable place to get Artefill and reasonably priced in the Dallas area. I saw 1 person who had posted but, it didn't say where she got it done.
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Dr. Nakamura Accent on You

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