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NO Result After 3 Treatments

I had 3 treatments of Sculptra, spaced about 1...

I had 3 treatments of Sculptra, spaced about 1 month apart each. It was very expensive. I was trying to fill in my hollow cheeks. I saw Absolutely NO result. My cheeks look just as hollow as they did before. I do not recommend this product. Big waste of time and money. I would like my money back.


Tammy. It's NOT the product. It's the DOCTOR. Unless you go to one of the FEW Sculptra specialists in the country... you're wasting your time. Sculptra is injected VERY differently than all the other fillers. There may be only 6 or 7 doctors around the country who can apply Sculptra properly. Yes... only 6 or 7. I list them in a separate section.
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hi please could you tell me the doctors you recommend for having sculptra done with. Many thanks.

Sculptra builds collagen with time. You wont see results in 1-3 months. Your doctor should have told you it will take 6+

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