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I've had lots of these non-invasive type...

I've had lots of these non-invasive type treatments over the last 10 of my 55 years. For those that had bad experiences with Sculptra, I suggest it was their doctor's lack of knowledge of the product and it's administration. We have tighter regulations in Canada; only a licensed doctor of dermatology or a cosmetic surgeon can adminster Sculptra. It's an art; done well, and it's a good way to fend off/minimize sagging and wrinkles for a couple of years. It shouldn't be done in the eye area, and the injections should be done in small doses in various areas over 4 treatments. Too aggressive, too much of the injectible, in the wrong spots, and it can be nasty.

So all that said, why is Sculptra on the Market? oopps Profit. Nasty, Correct, if injected by non expert injector, does the immune system recognize experts. The "late onset" problems get worse with time and horrid symptoms increase in numbers called "systemic diseases". I am quite sure there aren't many or any surgeons or dermos who would admit to a patient, you are the first or second one that I have interested in Sculptra and I want to try this new to me injectable out on You. Just some foreign material injected under your facial skin, whatever happens, happens and will keep on happening if something goes wrong for no one know how long, most likely permanent harm. Please just watch out, a matter of time.....
Dr. Sapra, Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery

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