I Have Great Cheeks!!

The procedure was mild with very little...

The procedure was mild with very little discomfort.  My cheeks have always been flat, so I wanted to accentuate them.  I had 3 treatments and I have great cheek contouring now.  My eye circles have also diminished.  I have not had any problems with bumps; it must be the experience of the injector.  I have also noticed this product did more for tightening my skin than 3 fraxel treatments.  I have had a great experience and love my new well-placed facial volume.  It took some time to see results, but they came!


Can you give me the name of your doctor? Thanks!
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I am interested in getting sculptra for my flat cheeks and i am in the LA area, would you be able to privately give me the name of your doctor. I would really appreciate it. Thanks- Katie :)
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Just how long did it take to see the results? I'm still waiting for mine- it's been 7 weeks...
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