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Big Improvement in Nose to Mouth Lines - So Far So Good

Age 52, my face was starting to get that long sad...

Age 52, my face was starting to get that long sad look. I've had 2 treatments over 2 months and am due for the third and final one soon. Injections were quite painful but not really bad. I can see a real difference already, my deep nose to mouth wrinkles are much softer. The cheeks look rounder and the whole face looks rounder and sort of shorter. I notice the difference most in the mornings when I look in the bathroom mirror and my face is a pleasant surprise, much less crumpled looking. No side effects yet, I did do the massage thing very thoroughly I will post an update after the last treatment is done. The only negative is the wrinkles under my eyes are still just as bad, but I have read that sculptra is not a good idea for this area because of possible lumps. so far so good though

can you please provide us wi th the name of your doctor;;
Name not provided

doctor explained procedure and did not try to pressurise me. Seemed to know what she was doing and was considerate

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