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I Look As Healthy As I Feel

After surviving HIV for 25+ years the medications...

After surviving HIV for 25+ years the medications took their toll - causing lypoatrophy on my face. While the treatments for my disease were keeping me healthy, I look sick because of the sever loss of fat in my face.

Thanks to Sculptra's program supporting patients who cannot afford treatment, I was able to have dramatic correction to my face and once again look as healthy as I feel. For me the pain was minimal and I was confident Sculptra would be a successful treatment after I read all of the information available. To me Sculptra fixed both my face and boosted my self-esteem

Ira Krafchin, MD

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i am 65 never had any thing done to me face but would like to But I don't want to be obsessed I am not rich just want to look nice. any comments? thanks
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Had facial lipoatrophy caused by HIV and had the procedure done 2 days ago and have been tirelessly doing the massage sessions and I've never looked healthier and younger. i haven't been turning my head down whenever I approach people, and yeah my confidence is back. I'm just loving what I'm seeing in the mirror.
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