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Well, mine starts many years ago. Always hated my...

Well, mine starts many years ago. Always hated my nose; was teased constantly growing up. In fact, I even had a teacher in high school, as I was walking by minding my own business, say "hey snoze" while he was standing there with other students. He did that twice. I suspect that many of the things that happened to me back then would be classified as "bullying" by today's standards. Self esteem didn't exist for me back then. Fast forward 40 years after a successful career of self employment and now semi-retired working for a a birhtday present to myself (55 soon) I've decided to go ahead with rhinoplasty. I have done much research and, thanks to this site and with Angie's encouragement, I am going for my first consult next month. Probably looking at the Fall before I can committ to an exact date (family stuff/vacation for the next few months). I can say that I'm not looking for anyone's (family/friends) "permission", just support; and if it's not there that certainly won't stop me. I guess I've reached a point in my life that I'm going to do this because it's what I want. I know what I had to endure, especially growing up. starts the journey. I've noticed that many on this site are certainly younger than me and I applaud you for taking this big step at an earlier stage in your lives. Wish I had done so back then but I'm not focused on the past as it's "past". I'll have photos later to help document the progress.

I, too, am taking the plunge late in life. This is my 50th birthday and as a gift to myself, I am finally having my nose done. I have lived unhappily with this one for 50 years--time for a change! Cheers to you, too, for finally going through with it!

Yay! Thank you so much for starting your story here. I just can't believe a teacher would call you Schnoz as you walked by. What an insensitive jerk. Seriously.

I'm really glad you're doing this for yourself and I can't wait to follow along on your journey.

(Have I mentioned making sure you go to a rhinoplasty specialist?)

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