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5 Treatments of Matrix RF (Syneron EMatrix) - Scottsdale, AZ

I am 44 and have been investing heavily in my...

I am 44 and have been investing heavily in my face/skin for the last 5 years. Botox, filler, Retin-A, microcurrent and good at home skin care. Even so, my skin still was not as tight and smooth as I wanted it to be.

My plastic surgeon actually gave me one free treatment of Matrix RF in order for me to see if I liked it. The aesthetician put me on the highest setting (I am an aesthetician as well and knew what my risks were)in order to get the most dramatic results.

The procedure is not uncomfortable as long as numbing cream is used. Once the face is numb, the treatment only takes about 20 minutes. You can feel it - slight heat sensation and you can smell your skin burning (yuk I know, but you get used to it). You leave with a thick amount of gel to cover what looks and feels like a severe burn on the face.

The ugliest part of the down time is about 3-4 days, but it really takes at least a week for the "grid" on your face to go away completely. Initially you feel tender and swollen, and then a few days in your face starts to heal and you have rough patches and a sorta lumpy appearance about the face. Mineral makeup does conceal it quite well however, am I am always comfortable going out in public even the day after with make up on.

After about 4 days you can do a good exfoliation and then start to see how beautiful your skin looks! The results are truly worth it - subtle, but people will notice the difference, but they won't be able to put a finger on what it is. Skin is plumper, tighter, and smoother...definitely more youthful.

It is not a facelift, nor will it address serious facial sagging, but when combined with filler it can help a younger patient (late 30s early 40s) to put off a face lift for a while...hopefully a very long while :-)

Treatments are spaced about 6 weeks apart, which is normally when you will notice you need another one. Regenerative and collagen building benefits increase the more treatments you have. I have completed my 5th and plan to do it semi annually hereafter for upkeep.

I am very happy with the results, though I am also tempted to try one of the less invasive Fraxel treatments in the future for comparison. Either way, it was worth it and I would do it again.

One suggestion...if you are doing filler, I'd plan to do your filler when you are done with all treatments. The treatment is non ablative and not supposed to affect filler that is deeply placed under the skin...but it does seem like it ate thru alot of mine. I've had to put alot more filler in this year than I've had to put in the past and I do believe its largely due to having my injections done between EMatrix treatments.


Thanks for the in depth review! I totally relate to your experiences as a fellow sun worshiper (grew up in So Cal...S P F...what's that?) My twin and I wound up with ruddy skin that is directly resulting from our years baking in the CA sun. My concern is our thin skin. As a laser technician, I'd love to hear what you think about how people with thin skin should approach lasers. I am concerned about burning, especially since I had a bad experience with a TCA peel last year (scars still fading slowly). Currently, my sis and I just use RetinA and hydroquinone. In the past, I tried IPL, which I didnt really see amazing results from and V Beam, which she turned down so low. Redness around my nose came right back. Thoughts? PS, thank you for all the reviews and your active participation! I read a couple and they are very helpful, since I am at the age where I am starting to think that fillers and upping the ante on my skin care might be just what the doctor ordered!
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Hi there! Its been 2 1/2 years since I had that series of laser treatments and I have to say now that my opinion of laser treatments to the face has changed. While I still believe laser treatments can have some wonderful effects on the body, I would not let anyone laser my face unless it was for a very small targeted area (like a vein, or one specific scar for example). What I have noticed in people who have gotten alot of laser treatments is that it changes the skin and not in a good way. For some it causes facial fat loss, which means sagging skin; for others the skin becomes thicker or develops an orange peel or porous appearance; for many the color changes and they are forever left with skin that looks ruddy or almost sunburned. For myself since I had 5 treatments of Matrix RF it did a little bit of all these things, but nothing extreme since Matrix is non ablative and lower heat. However, it did change my skin. I have to use alot of filler now each year, my texture is different and there are patches of ruddiness on my face. Honestly I would not recommend peels or laser to your face. Peels make you too photo sensitive and most people who do them regularly end up with worse sun damage. What I do now is regular use of Retina A and Hydroquinone like you are using, and I do a microneedle treatment every 2-4 weeks on my face and neck. Microneedling CA be very effective at helping build the collagen in your face if done regularly. Its expensive to do at spas, usually about $200 a treatment but you can do it yourself at home. You can purchase microneedle devices online with needle sets for around $150, and then purchase topical numbing cream and serums for use during the treatment. Its easy, has almost no downtime and will def improve the appearance of the skin especially if used with the right serums to treat pigmentation or build collagen. Stay away from the lasers. I would take the risk.
Great post/review. I am mid 40s as well. I had one Fotofacial RF followed by Matrix RF. They tacked on the Matrix RF as they said this would help fine lines. They used conservative settings. Within 1 week after treatment I had noticeable fat loss. The result of the fat loss was loss of plumpness and youthfulness in my face. Sagging cheeks, and also sagging lower eyelids. It aged me for sure. Ladies, be happy with your natural self because it is beautiful. Don't take the risk, as you never know how your skin will react. I am sccottish/irish so perfect candidate. One treatment with conservative settings and still awful result. DON'T DO LASERS. Try to get your best look naturally with lymph drainage, plenty of sleep, nutrition, etc. Then be happy. I wish I would not have bought into all this hype of trrying to be perfect. Good luck.
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