radiesse nightmare

Injected 2 weeks ago and came out looking great....

Injected 2 weeks ago and came out looking great. Today my face is swollen, my eyes have blue puffy sites under them, cheeks look like a chipmunk. Will never do this again.

I am interested in Radiesse in the Scottsdale area, where did you receive your treatment?

Hi Cookcook.

Sorry to hear about your current results hopefully it will get better. Here is some information about swelling after the procedure from our doctor Q&A hope it helps. Please keep me updated, and thanks for your review.


Sorry for your experience. I had the same experience with a filler Sub Q. The first ten days it was fine, but then the nightmare began. Half side completely swollen for three weeks. Then the swelling switched over to the other side and vice verca. This reaction could only stopped by using oral steriods severel times. And antibiotics. Now I dont have anymore swelling but have beads where the reaction was.
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