High Def Vaser Not Worth It! - Scottsdale, AZ

I did not have alot of fat to remove, however the...

I did not have alot of fat to remove, however the ending results are very loose sagging skin, light purple pink skin discoloration, lumpy looking now. I looked better before as my friends have all said. Biggest mistake of my life!!!

Very painfull, and I have had plenty of other surgeries but this was crazy, I was on strong pain pills for 2 weeks, could not sleep for 2 months because of pain in back (felt like skin being ripped from muscles). I have had conventional old fashion lipo and that was a piece of cake hardly no pain.

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Sorry to hear that you are not fully satisfied with your treatment. Another reader had Lipodissolve and also experienced loose skin after. I posted their question to our doctors and here is the response. How are you doing now? Are you considering getting the loose skin taken care of, I have heard others readers say they have had to do that? Please keep us updated and thank you for your post.


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