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One Eye is Still Blurry After a Month of Lasik

I had lasik procedure done to correct my distance...

I had lasik procedure done to correct my distance vision month ago. I had -5.5 on both eyes with -1.25 astigmatism. My left eye got crystal clear results within 2 days, but right eye is still noticeable blurry after a month allday for near and far vision. Right eye vision is not improving, it is same as what I had after a day of lasik. I followed up with lasik surgeon as well my regular eye-dr to ensure that flap has no issue. I dont have eye-irritation or dryness but I am still using Optive as instructed. In their computer-machine they are seeing 0 numbers on both eyes now, so there is no under or over correction issue. They mentioned that they can see very small amount of haze under split-light observation on right eye which is at the center of pupil which is causing blurry vision. He started Prednisolone eye steroid about 10days ago and there is still no change in Vision.

Did anybody had similar issue post-lasik which improved over 3months of suggested time frame? Thanks.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

How are you doing now that it's been another 2 weeks almost, any improvement?
It is been almost 3months now, there is no change in situation. I visited dr again and they confirmed that i dont have any prescription that can be cured by glasses.
Hi and thanks for the up date. I'm 6 weeks post lasik and have a fuzzy left eye but they do the tests at the Dr. (better here or here?) and it does get a little clearer so they attribute mine to residual astigmatism . Do they do this test with you and your vision does not get better when they are flipping the lenses? If it does, it is correctable with glasses. If it does not, then something else may be the issue and a second opinion from a Dr. that is not a Lasik Dr. may be the next step. I wish you the best in this and your welcome to read my story (most recent posted category) as I heal up and deal with the issues too.

almost 3months- No improvement

Hi, I is been almost 3months of my lasik. My right eye is still as blurry as it was earlier. Steroid didnt help. I still dont have any number that can be corrected with glasses. Is anybody's vision improved after 3months? Thanks,
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