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No Noticable Results After Two Treatments...

I had two treatments for 2 areas so far (inner...

I had two treatments for 2 areas so far (inner thigh and outer thigh). The tech measured me before the treatments and so far I have not seen the circumference reduction. After reading all reviews here I was hopeful that I would lose at least 0.25-0.5 inch from each thigh after each treatment. Big zero so far. I have more treatments left in the package that I purchased for about $900 (the clinic had a promotion for 6 treatments) so I guess we will see whether I get any results. I can't see much of the cellulite reduction either.

The treatments itself I would say somewhat pleasant, feels like a hot stone massage. There are two parts to it - 1st they rub you with the device that feels warm and 2nd is when the tech performs a massage of the treated area with the large tube that sucks on your skin. Both parts did not cause any discomfort. The only thing - I got really bad bruising after my first treatment (I think because of the suction tube), none after the 2nd treatment so far because the tech decreased the suction.

I am about 5’3”, 123lbs.
I wonder if anyone had these thretments done with no results at all?


I had four treatments on my inner & outer thighs. After the fourth treatment the nurse did measurements & she said I lost 1/4" on one thigh & 1/2" on the other, but I felt like that could be a result of measuring error. Either way, I saw no difference visually & my pants fit exactly the same. I didn't expect a miracle, or even to drop an entire pant size, but I thought at least my pants that were tight on my thighs would no longer be tight. I had also hoped for an improvement in the look of tone in my thighs but no luck there either. Overall I felt really stupid for having fell for a "fat melting" procedure that merely amounted to an $1800 massage.
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I have not seen any results whatsoever. My doctor actually offered to reimburse the part of the unused package. He said that he doubt that this procedure would work for since I saw zero results after 2 treatments. He stated that I did not have enough cellulite. I just wish they would say that before I purchased the deal. Well, at least I got the pro-rated amount back. Vaser shape does not reduce the volume - unless you have considerable cellulite.
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That is pretty cool that they at least reimbursed you for part. I'm glad to hear that. Are you looking into trying something else, or are you just going to call it good at this point?

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