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Just turned 30 and am starting to see signs of...

Just turned 30 and am starting to see signs of drooping and aging. I haven't tried any fillers or botox so I was a little scared. It helps to do your research, I went to a variety of different places for consults to see which one I liked best. I'm glad I did my research.

I started with 1 syringe on my nasal fold, cheeks, and chin. Loved the results right away, although subtle. Went back 3 days later (today) for another syringe in my cheek and chin. Perfect! So far, the only discomfort I have had is with my cheekbones because I had them built up a little. Otherwise, I didn't bruise or swell in the other areas. I am so glad I tried it, I am definitely hooked!

Where did you go?
Thanks Britt, I will try soon to get some photos up. As a newbie in this high-tech beauty/anti-aging battle, I have found it better to go slow and get all the info first. I have yet to be disappointed!

I feel you. Based on the community going slow does seem like the best idea. It seems you can always add, but you can not subtract. 

Have a great weekend! 


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I was really scared because I had never had anything done or injected so I really did my research and met with the doctor before I even scheduled an appointment. The ladies that worked at the clinic were wonderful and patient in answering all of my questions.

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