Laser Lipo Upper, Lower Abdomen Waist & Bra Roll - Scottsdale, AZ

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm nervous. I want a...

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm nervous. I want a waist line!!! Been thinking about doing this for quite some time. I've worked so hard to get a smaller waist but my genes work totally against me. My child is turning 5 soon so I've had enough time. I want to be comfortable in my own skin. My bmi is great I just have some excess fat that wont go away!

All went well the staff was great. I was extremely nervous of course I fainted (I dont like needles or blood) it went well. I'm not feeling much pain or swelling but tomorrow and the day after I'll. Ive been leaking A LOT having to Change my pads all the time. Cant wait to shower tomorrow and wash this thing while I'm in the shower y
hope everything goes well, looking forward to your pic
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