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I highly recommend Juvederm! I have a problem with...

I highly recommend Juvederm! I have a problem with volume underneath my eyes from rapid weightloss, harsh diets and aging. This is my 2nd time going getting it done and I have to say that I am officially addicted. The key is to find a skilled injector. Afterall, this is your face and you don't want to just get something of Groupon for your first time. I am 34 years old and people are always surprised when I tell them my age. They could be just being nice, but I have a feeling it's the Juvederm (and chemical peels too). My only disclaimer is the first time can be very scary. It kind of painful the first time and I bruised pretty badly. You can also hear the product being put in and it makes kind of crunchy sound. Don't worry , this is all normal and very very worth it! The 2nd time was a peice of cake.
Susan Gercone

She is an amazing, skilled injector. She makes you feel comfortable, is extremely knowledgeable and gives you a beautiful natural look.

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Dr. Sumer Daiza helped me with my skin and Juvederm filler. I love the natural results. I usually fluctuate +/_ 7 pounds and when I drop the weight, it tends to come right off of my face. Dr. Daiza plumped up my cheeks - a huge difference but with a nice natural look. Was slightly swollen the second day but nobody noticed. She did the injection treatment for me and was very gentle with no brusing. The first time is scary but everything went smoothly. I've had a couple of treatments since. I'm super happy with the results.
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I'm glad you mentioned the crunchy noise. That would be scary if a person didn't know about it and wasn't expecting it!

I'm assuming this is the only area you have tried a filler in so far, is that right?

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