Bad Results - Upper Bleparoplasty, Will Need Revision Surgery - Scottsdale, AZ

I did lots of research and everything was positive...

I did lots of research and everything was positive. The consult went well and he was very nice and personable, spent a ton of time with me. The procedure was on a Saturday in his office. It seemed to go well. Pain and swelling we're pretty manageable. At home instructions were very clear and I followed them explicitly to the letter.


You've really been through such a tough experience! I had my lower bletharoplasty done one month ago in the UK. Have you tried a silicone gel called Dermitix? It reduced scar tissue very quickly. You can buy it over the counter. It might help! Always worth a try. Good luck x
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I did try one that was recommended by someone else on RS and found it so sticky that I couldn't cover the scars with makeup and my hair would get caught in it. :0 I'll look into Dermatix. Starting in January, I'm going to start doing consults with other PS to see if I can find someone to do a revision. Thank you so much for your kind reply. :)

Hey 3dogmom, I'm linking your forum post about finding a new surgeon here.  If anyone can recommend a good Oculoplastic Surgeon that does eyelid revisions in AZ or MN please comment either here or in the forum. 

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Dr. Holden - terrible Upper Blepharoplasty result

This is an excerpt from the Dr. that trained Paul K. Holden, regarding placement of incisions:

"Upper Lid Blepharoplasty
It behooves the surgeon to be meticulous in the surgical markings for upper lid blepharoplasty prior to surgery as a difference of 1 to 3 millimeters (mm) from one lid to the next may create noticeable asymmetries. Therefore, the surgical markings for both upper lids are made using a fine tip marker and small calipers. With the patient looking up, the supratarsal crease is identified and measured from the lid margin using small calipers; this denotes the location of the inferior limb of the surgical marking. This measurement ranges from 8-12 mm (10-11 mm in females; 8-9 mm in males). "

Had my incision scars measured today and the worst one measured at 16 mm - a good 4 mm higher than recommended by the person Dr. Holden himself considers brilliant. There was just no reason for Dr. Holden to place my incisions so high or to leave pockets of fat in the corners of my eyes.
Dr. Holden is once again practicing. I would NOT recommend him to my worst enemy.


Ok let me get this straight-- at 6 months post surgery you posted that you were extremely happy with your surgery with Dr. Holden. Then, not even a month later, you wrote your bad review saying how much you believe he screwed up. It's interesting that your opinion changed so dramatically and so quickly. What could be the reason for that? Hmm, does it have something to do with the fact that you found out the doctor was arrested? I smell a case of lawsuit greed. There's always one, isn't there? Speaking of one, where are all these "patients" that you claim have complained to you or to another doctor about this plastic surgeon? Do you realize your review is the only negative review regarding his surgeries? (The only other review was claiming that he did not have any staff when that was not the case at all. The staff was busy due to a busy office filled with patients wanting surgery from the facial plastic surgeon who won the Patient's Choice Award. And that person who complained got a discount!). Furthermore, in my research, I have not found a single PATIENT, besides you, who has had one negative thing to say about this amazingly talented plastic surgeon. (I wrote 'patient' in all caps due to the other doctor's comment on what he sees from your pics. Please note: It's quite easy for a doctor to talk down about the work of another doctor. Please consider motive and marketing strategies, etc). So we have 1 confirmed patient with a complaint out of hundreds of very happy patients that I know of (there's probably thousands in total). Even if there was some sort of mistake made (though it looks as though your surgery has great results) I think 1 out of thousands isn't a bad ratio. I haven't been able to find a facial plastic surgeon in Az with as high of a percentage of more than satisfied patients.
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Dr. Holden told me that my procedure was "textbook" and very typical and easy for him. He's very charming and pleasant. I researched him thoroughly, everything checked out positively. I knew something was wrong within a few weeks because my scars were so high up. He told me that it just appeared that way due to swelling and as it subsided, the incisions would relax and fall into the crease. Two months after my procedure Dr. Holden was arrested on a drug charge and his practice shut down - I never heard from him again. He had a previous arrest and his license had been suspended but the state of AZ did not make this known to the public. You can google him and see all the details of his arrest history. I NEVER would've chosen him to preform surgery on me had I known his history. I will need revisions to correct my scars. I'm out $7500.00, my confidence and self esteem have been hit hard and I can now look forward to going thru the whole process again. The first PS I consulted about a revisions said that "lowering" scars is very difficult and many PS won't even do it or make promises for improvement because it's hard to improve it. He suggested I see someone who does Revision of "botched" procedures and/or an Oculoplastic Surgeon. I will have to go to many, many consults to find someone I can trust again. This will take $$, time and anxiety and I wish I'd never had the surgery with Dr. Holden. I started out with saggy eyelids, but now I have nasty scarred eyelids. I went backwards. I don't know if he'll get to practice again, but if he does, I would not go to him. I feel bad for him and his addiction and problems, but bottom line, he should not do surgery on someone without them knowing he's got an addiction problem and being able to make an informed decision.

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