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Works Great, Quicker Than Botox - Scottsdale, AZ

I have used botox regularly between my eyebrows...

I have used botox regularly between my eyebrows and sometimes in my upper forehead and tried the Dysport because of a great $50 rebate offer. Had 50 units at $2.50/unit (63 after rebate and special members 10% discount)(about the equivalant of 20 units of Botox I think) and I noticed that it only took about a day to go into effect whereas the Botox takes about 3 days to start working.

It may last slightly less as well. It's hard for me to say because I typically just do a little bit every month or so. I would use it again.


I will continue to do Dysport and/or Botox. Just wish they would last longer. I work out a lot and maybe my body processes this stuff fast bc I usually get touched up about every 6 weeks. I like both pretty much the same but like that the Dysport goes into effect sooner. Pain is really minimal. Just a little prick here and there and it's quick. Although have to add that having gone through breast augs, upper and lower blephs and getting filler without numbing agents in the past has raised my pain tolerance lol.
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Hi Scottsdale,

Have you considered something more permanent? I have heard others mention working out a lot makes their body flush stuff out faster. I know for me that happens and I'm like you I work out everyday, so maybe that is what is happening.



Hey Britt,
I don't mind so much since I get both pretty cheap. But I also process fillers fast and that is not as cheap! Not sure about any permanent options like Dysport/Botox. I don't need that much so I am happy with my current maintenance routine.

Wow, you really gotta love the rebates!!! Most of...

Wow, you really gotta love the rebates!!! Most of my forehead doesn't move that much except my outer eye brows haven't been treated with anything in a while and it was looking too "Spock-like" to me so I had 30 units of dysport today to chill them out. It may be my imagination but I think it's starting to kick in already(it's been about 5 hours since treatment)!

You can't beat the price at $3/unit ($90) then got a mail in rebate for $50! This manufacture rebate ends June 30th, don't miss out!!

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Had a little bit of botox 4 or 5 weeks ago but not...

Had a little bit of botox 4 or 5 weeks ago but not enough because I was still moving my brows inward a little bit. So this week I got Dysport because of the rebate special. I originally was shooting for 50 units thinking it was half the potency of Botox but now my nurse practitioner says you need 3x more instead. It was so cheap that I didn't mind. I got 50 units between my brows and 20 units in my upper forehead (164 with member discount and then given a $50 mail in rebate=$114!!). No swelling, little red dots for a few days where injections were and it went into effect quick as always-24 hours, which I love. The amount was definitely better, my forehead is very smooth and not movement that wrinkles my skin(which I wanted). I am interested to see how long it will last though. We will find out...!


I had Botox injections last summer in Ahwatukee, very pleased with results immediately, on 12/16/11 had Dysport injections in approx. same area, as of today have not noticed any change. Am not nearly as happy with the Dysport as I was with the results of the Botox. Dottie in Ahwatukee
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Hey Dottie, I would make sure that you got the appropriate amount as the units are a different strength than botox. It should have started working already, I notice mine working at 24 hours! I do notice a big difference in the dysport working faster (botox works in 3 days for me)and this time I got more that 2x the units of the botox I usually get so hopefully it will last as long or longer. The tiredness after the injections wasn't as noticeable either like the botox. I really just go with whichever one is having the best deal as I like them nearly the same. Dysport if I need quicker results though.
I had the opposite experience. Dysport worked immediately. But it caused me to have exhaustion and droopy lids for two days.
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