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Look better, improve my competitiveness in my...

Look better, improve my competitiveness in my field, get back my "looks" of my youth, looked much older than I felt.

I am a Type A person. I found Dr H and during one of many consults he did for me, I instructed him on what I wanted and how I wanted to get there. He was very patient and informative. He layed out a plan for me. In the end I went with most of it, facelift, eyelids, brow lift, neck lift, Botox, fat transfer. I declined the laser skin resurfacing. And now, I will be going in in December for a laser resurfacing treatment. He was right, the surgeries took away the flabby skin on my face and neck, the fat transfer added volume but the skin quality was the same. I'm enjoying seeing myself in the mirror again! The process was smooth, Dr H- attentive, the results- almost perfect. I should have listened in the first place! I'm looking forward to the results of the peel added on to my beautiful look!

I am going to be getting it done. I did the review twice because the site kept freezing up on my computer. I must have read the button as something else and been rushing. My mistake.

It's no problem I just was unsure what this is a review for and where I should put you. I'm thinking of fat transfer or Facelift. Opinion?


Hi Ellen, W

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. I have not added you to the Deep FX community because based on your review you said you didn't have laser treatment,? It says you did have Botox, fat transfer, a Facelift, eyelids, brow lift and neck lift, so not sure why you put Deep FX, just want to make sure your review gets put with the right community. :)

Also, to add a bit more detail to your review, the community loves details. Did you experience pain and downtime, that is a lot of surgeries to have all at once? Can you provide a bit more on the procedure itself, do you have pictures, it sounds like you look great and we would love to see your transformation.



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